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    • fermion314
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      :spade: Welcome :spade:

      :diamond: About me:
      Name: Andre
      Age: 20
      Location: Portugal
      Occupation: Physics Student

      :diamond: Poker:
      FL since the beggining. Did some grinding on SSS but never got really into NL. I'm currently playing $1/2 SH @ iPoker and Everest

      :diamond: Blog:
      I'll try to post weekly with new hands and stats. Hope you enjoy it!
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    • fermion314
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      :club: 03.10.08

      I discovered poker about 1 year ago, and while watching a WSOP video clicked on a link to PokerStrategy (thank you, TAF). The theory was easy to learn, but I spent lots of time struggling to beat the micros. Things got easier when I moved to SH, and I didn't experience big swings until I moved to .5/1 - variance was so high that I took a couple of months away from poker and started on advantadge gambling and bonus bragging. When I got back, it all became easier and had 5BB/100 after 20k hands.
      1/2 was the second shock. I was closing every session losing 50BB or more on my first attempt (thank you for saving me, Summer Time Bonus). Got back to .5/1 and now I'm trying again, more successfully, this time :)
    • Dippy19
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      Good luck man! Variance is a bitch :(
    • fermion314
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      :club: 04.10.08 - weekend so far

      In general:
      vpip/pfr/af/wtsd/w$sd = 23/16/1.7/41/59
      crappy AF, too many limped pots, too many showdowns.. =\

      Thanks Dippy! oh yeah, variance is indeed a bitch.
    • corrunus
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      Yeah Variance its a merciless bitch.
      I am now again in .25/.50 after a downsing in .50/1.

      Greetings from Mexico.
    • Yoghi
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      Nice, hope you can get somewhere :)