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What about existing accounts ?

    • fostie
      Joined: 28.07.2008 Posts: 75
      Apparently, I had 2 accounts already, none of which I deposited money on. I think one of them may have been used in one of those other free-bankroll thingies, but I doubt it.

      I would like to move to FT but in order to make it financially attractive I want rakeback there. I've mailed support, one of the accounts has been closed for me, but they won't just let me get retracked with In fact, each time I mail them I get a different guy responding to me, each time with the same standard shit about not being allowed to just recreate an account... One of them even managed to get the affiliate wrong (was talking about rakebackpro's or something I believe). They "put me on the list" but simply neglect to answer my question to give me a rough estimate on the time left for the process to be completed...

      So, what options do I have? Can you guys pull some strings for me or anything?
      Is there any way to get RB on an existing account at all?
      I also heard they only see my account as "real" after I got a point with it... I dont think any of the accounts (although theres only 1 left) has any points earned, so I'm not sure what to do or believe anymore
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    • VicoII
      Joined: 06.08.2008 Posts: 60
      you are coming via PS--->PS are getting money out of it on weekly basis--->you are getting part of it (rakeback)

      existing account--->can't register via PS cuz already registered---> no rake back, who will pay you?