Mansion conversion from euro to dollar!!!

    • 1seednoir1
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      Well they won't stop to robe us...
      when i tried to register for a tournament
      5.5$ is equal to 4euro... what the fk 1.37 rate ???
      don't tell me the dollar is so powerfull now!!!!
      someone have an explanation for this matter???
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    • SalamiandCheese
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      The Euro's lost 17% of its value vs. the USD since mid-July. At least having your acct kept in your home currency doesn't expose you to foreign exchange risk anymore!
      ** Don't try trading foreign exchange unless you really know what you're doing, bankroll management, expendable capital, etc. Lot's of places offer 100:1 leverage which is a real bad idea - small changes are too random.
    • 1seednoir1
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      Thank you man. It's my fault for choosing euro at the first place. I should of check for rate changing at least i could withdraw my bankroll and turn it into dollars. Well thanks again!!!
    • wowadvisor
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      im new to this, and I choose euro too, its my own currency but I lose a lot of money every single day through exchange rate... I cant find a way to change euro to dollar in my account?

      I play on mansion poker, anybody know?

      thank you!
    • justkyle88
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      Im using USD-AUS or vice versa wateva.
      example, I buy-in for a torny at ~$5 and its really ~$8 so i have to adjust my bankroll accordingly.
      So if i win $10 its really about $13.
      so confusing.
    • jbirgelis
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      If you want to change your currency in Mansion you have to get zero on your bankroll.
      Withdrawing or playing. then they take your data to new account and place your new currency...
      Thats their policy.