Euro 2012 Majoitus Ukrainassa vastineeksi lippuja (tai pientä maksua vastaan​​)

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      Welcome, brothers poker, my name is Stanislav, I am from Donetsk. You probably know that Ukraine is very expensive prices for hotels during Euro 2012. Me and my friends from other cities that will host matches of Euro willing to contemplate the exchange of extra tickets to the games (or for a minimal fee) to work with us to stay in our apartments. We have: separate rooms for 2-3 people on each separate bed or couch. Shower, the ability to watch matches on TV. We are very sorry for this state with the prices for hotels and would like to do whatever you have left a positive impression about Ukraine and are ready to take you back home. If you are interested in this proposal - add to my friends, we discuss the details.

      Sorry for my English, I used a translator.

      The request to the moderators do not delete this announcement. It does not carry advertising or commercial in nature. We're just a group of football fans who are willing to host a house guest from other countries. Football has no boundaries, and fans of all countries should help each other.
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