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    • Dippy19
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      Well, decided to make a thread where I'll post all of my vids, becouse I'm planning to make some more as I go on in my career.

      And here is the first one. It's a FL SH 1$/2$ on PokerRoom:


      Before anybody watches, here are some comments:
      1. I was a bit ill while shooting it, so I might sound a bit funny :)
      2. The humming sound is still present(the ppl that watched my first vid know what I'm talking about). I do apologize for that, but I didn't use my head set, becouse I thought it would be ok if I would just move my laptop of from the shaky table, eek WRONG!

      And here are some comments on the actual content, but I watched less than half of it, becouse my head started to hurt from the humming noise:)
      1. ~5.30 QJ, I forgot what happened preflop and made a really stupid donk on the flop.
      2. ~10:30 K3o I said that the only thing good that I could get is a set of trips, I meant a set of treys :)
      3. ~13:15 68o I didn't make a bet on the flop HU in an unreised pot, becouse I just didn't see a point becouse he won't fold anything anyway.
      4. ~15:05 KQ I think I should have made a raise on the flop and then either value bet if I hit or check behind and take a freecard if I miss the turn?
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    • opal99
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      hi Dippy;
      I'm glad you decided to upload it :) Unfortunately I can't download it now, as I'm on very limited connection, but will watch it on Monday night!
    • ciRith
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      Hi Dippy19,

      I just started the video but had to disable the sound right away. I heart nothing but the humming. ;)
      So let me know if I miss something (reads).
      You could clean up your desktop to speed up your system start. ;)

      It got a bit much so don't be afraid. I mentioned a lot thiny things as I didn't hear you. So maybe you already noticed the mistakes.

      2:30, UR: Do I get it right that you have only 33 hands from him? I don't know why but I don't like playing A9o here. 3-way (maybe 4) with a weak ace out of position against very loose opponents.

      3:20, UR: You fold ATo one hand after you saw that this guy raises Q5s out of the CO? Very easy 3-bet as you are in position with a good chance getting HU with him.

      5:00, UL: Your plan is to see a showdown. The K is a 'blank' within his donk range so continue calling him down. (A :heart: , 8, 7 or 3 are the only card to make me fold here.)

      5:30, UR: If you forget the action a look at the potsize might help as with a 3-bet it would be bigger. Well here's it's not that helpful as the BU might have just called as well and you raised him then.
      A flop fold should be possible as the backdoorflushdraw is not worth as much as if you hold 2 :club: but it's close and I often do that as well. (Potsize etc..)

      10:30, UR: The chart says K4o against a PS.com TAG. He is way looser so K3o is fine to call here. (You can even see a showdown on good boards.)

      15:05, UL: The donkbet came from a Maniac (if I read the stats correctly) so the chance it high to get 3-bet or donkbet on the turn again. I like it as played.

      15:15, BR: I don't raise the flop. I don't want to get 3-bet by the better hand but it's aweird sspot anyway as he seems to be nearly a TAG.

      18:00, UL: This call is a bit too lose as he raises out of MP3 where you need KTo.

      18:05, UR: I call his check/raise and decide on the turn what to do as there are a few draws possible. (If you have a read that he is very passive so then it's fine.)

      19:00, UL: just isolate him and don't time out. :D

      21:50, BR: You checked the flop with initiative. ;)

      22:30, UR: T7s is no openraise from the BU.

      24:30, UR: Hmm I think you can 3-bet here or donk a blank turn. But I don't know how aggressive the raiser is.

      26:40, UL: Don't 3-bet him. KJo is way to weak for that. By the way did you notice something? (About my comments.)

      27:00, UR: K7s isn't strong enough to raise here. Just check and bet good flops.

      27:30, UR: K9s isn't enough as well. Their wts is high so you probably need to bet the flop and turn and you are out of position so the chance of getting a freecard is low as well or to check behind to see a free showdown.
      Check/fold the turn. You beat just a 5 anymore which he might even fold or check behind.

      31:10, BR: The check/raise is fine but against this guy I would play a passive line. He isn't very showdownbound but aggressive so you probably gain more by just being passive. (Well your PT3 stats are messued up there anyway. ^^)

      32:50, UR: just give up on the river. He won't fold a pair anyway and a lot draws arrived as well.

      33:05, UR: I like to isolate with K6o here. A call should be fine as well and folding is no big mistake either. ust to let you know. :)

      33:20, UL: Call 3-bet and donk turn? Nothing I like. Either cap and bet/calldown the turn or call and check/raise the turn. I prefer the first as I would hate to see 3-bet on the turn. (If he is a maniac then then cap flop, bet/3-bet turn would be my line).

      35:00, UR: Standard would be a check/raise either on the flop or turn. If you decide to go with the turn check/raise then you should give up that plan tothis card. Even a TAG would calldown A-high now and any overpair as well (and there are a lot possible on a low board). However against this guy you should play passive all the way. He won't fold anything so it's just wasting money to play aggressive here.

      36:20, UL: Bet the river as well. Hw will bet any better hand but might check behind worse which he would call to a bet. You can even fold to a raise if you know him to be reasonable.

      36:30, UR: You checked the flop again as the preflop aggressor.

      36:40, UL: Same with K5o as with K6o.

      36:50, UR: K9o is strong enough to isolate this guy.

      38:00, UL: well I guess this will be the last hand (I'm currently seeing the flopplay.) Tilt? The cap is WAY to much. (And now a freecardcap makes no sense. :/) Uh I like the riverdecision. ;) It's a fold to me. He either has a T or the flush. (Well I saw the result before writing this last sentece.)

      Remember that question at 26:40? You were very unconcentrated because of PT3 I guess. You should fix your layout so that you don't move it by mistake. (Making it more nicely to look at might be worth it as well. ^^)
      From the beginning up to around minute 18:00 I noticed only a few things but after that I saw a lot more mistakes. I don't know if this was a bit of tilt or just because PT3 was so annoying + the tables got very shorthanded + making a video where you have to visualize your thoughts. All toghether this might have cost you some money so maybe you sit out at one table if they got short while doing a video. :)
    • Dippy19
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      Thanks for your commentary ciRith. I'll review the video again today and post some comments, but I don't have the time right now.

      PS: Really sorry for the noise :D and I know that PT3 layout is annoying, but I only need it for another 3 days max so no point in changing it :)