SHC for NL100 and 200 FR

    • wazaari
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      Hello to everyone!!!
      SORRY if i write there in english... but in my own forum i didn't found a good answer!!!!
      Could you please link me a good starting hand chart to play a winning poker at NL200 Full Ring???

      Actually i am using something like that:

      UTG: 22+, AJo+,ATs+,KQ [10%]
      MP: 22+,ATo+,A8s+,98s+,KJ+ [15%]
      CO:22+,A8o+,A2s+,45s+,KTs+,QT+,JT [25%]
      BU: 22+,Ax,suited connectors, gap connectors, garbage eccù


      Sorry again to post here in english
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    • Tikkari
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      Well here´s one included in this article but in my opinion your system is better :)

      EDIT: sorry this was full ring.. I would actually adjust that SH chart to your full ring game. In my opinion it´s too tight for SH tables but could work on full ring. You just can´t open raise with small pairs in full table from UTG. You need to tighten up a bit from early positions. I would prefer using your chart in shorthanded games even though it´s pretty LAG even for 6max.
    • Jim9137
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      I find it interesting that you even found the right forum. ;)
    • zamwise
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      Italian community is in need of new coaches...? :)
    • srz
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      There's such a chart also in The Little Green Book. But now that you've reached the platinum level, it's a good idea to start moving away from chart-oriented poker. Analyse your opponents. Always think why entering the pot with this hand, at this table and at this point, is better than folding it.