Iam writing in English, in US on a vacation

Hey guy's I just wonna share/brag about my Party Poker bankroll. It's not a fortune but comming from 25$ i deposit, the 10th of may im proud to say that im now at 3K $ to be exact 3171,91 .
I didnt want the free bankroll, have my own money but still wanna be here and talk poker.
I have build a couple of bankroll through my pokertime but all the other times I build and withdrawn so I never got to play higher limits only low limit with all the fishes a bit chicken I know but in this way I kept it as a fun hobby and also in that way im allways the winner
But this time should be different and I decided to build up a roll that would be a steady roll for NL200 which is 4000$ after my bankroll management.

Even though I decided that this time I wouldn't withdraw any money I couldnt keep away so I have withdraw 1000$ just to feel/taste my winnings. Looking back if I hadn't made that withdraw I would be at my goal now 4K$ but f it at the games im playing now 800$ is just a couple of days
More wants more and I have now set a new goal I wonna become a regular/have a steady roll for NL1000 which would be 20.000$ or even more if I go after a dynamic bankroll management which perhaps would be smart but I will find out in time.

To end of this long post I will tell a litlle about my game:

Allways cash, I just searched my name on Sharkscope since December I have only played 7 tourneys and my ROI is at 307%

My cash games are allways short rings. 6 handed is my best game but HU is ok too.

Allways full buy-in LAG style.

My level right now is NL100 but often I multitable NL50 instead since the NL50 players have been so gentle to me but very soon probably next week I will start at NL200 cross your fingers for me.

Anyway, keep grinding. DONT LOOSE YOUR HOPE