Help with Poker Tracker 3

    • Jeffers16
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      After i failed first time to get it working, i decided to try again, i uninstalled Pokertracker and PostgreSQL and reinstalled to start from scratch.

      I think i set it all up properly, but the programme just doesnt seem to be importing any hands. I followed the set up guide, and have set it to auto import.

      2008/10/05 19:24:03: Auto-Import beginning
      2008/10/05 19:24:03: Full Tilt: Starting auto-import.
      2008/10/05 19:24:03: Full Tilt: Found 0 files to monitor.

      Donno if that helps, but thats all its saying in my 'import status' after like 30 minutes of playing.

      Not sure what i have failed to do.
      Any help greatly appreciated!
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