No Summer Time Bonus for me?

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      Had this conversation with the Titan Online Support few minutes ago.

      mexira: hi :)
      Millo: I apologize for the long wait. We try to attend to all our players the quickest possible time. My name is Millo from the Online Support Team. I am glad to assist you with your concern.
      mexira: thank you, I just wanted to know how much rake I have generated since July 1st
      Millo: Sure, XXXX. Can you please give me 3-5 minutes while I check on it?
      mexira: ok, thx
      Millo: Thank you.
      Millo: Thank you for patiently waiting.
      Millo: Your total generated rake is $50.34.
      mexira: ok, thank you, I think I registered though PokerStrategy, so wouldn't I be eligible for the Summer Time Bonus?
      Millo: Let me double check on that to be sure, XXXX
      mexira: ok, thank you
      Millo: Thank you for patiently waiting.
      Millo: XXXX, yes, as I checked on it, you should have received your Summertime Bonus already.
      Millo: Kindly contact Pokerstrategy regarding this. You may use this link:
      mexira: ok, thank you, the problem is that I haven't received any bonus yet... is there anything you could do about it?
      I'll be contacting PokerStrategy too, thanks for the link :)
      Millo: I'm sorry but you will need to contact Pokerstrategy first so that they may inform us about the status of your bonus.

      What should I do now? :)
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