Hi guys,

I've been feeling really frustrated last 2 weeks.. lost about 15 buy ins, and can't see a way to reverse this lost. I was playing NL20 with $250 bankroll, and when I reached ~$210 I decided to go back to NL10, but now I have $190..
I know 15BI could be a normal downswing, but I want to be sure that it is not affecting my play.
I ran some filters on my PT stats to see where is the problem..

The first filter I ran was to see how much $ I lost playing hands not in SSS SHC:

As you can see, I played 2% of my hands not following SSS SHC. And almost 80% of this 2% was doing blind steal. So here I think I follow SSS SHC very close.

Then I ran another filter to see how much I won playing the best hand on flop. I choose this because using SSS most of the time I will go to all in if I have the best hand on flop, since play with a short stack and bet 2/3 of the stack will be more than 50% of my remain stack:
(about best hand on flop I mean: High card(s) (cont bet), Top pair/PP - Over Pair, Two Pairs (top two; top and middle; PP over pair; board pair top pair), Three of a Kind (top set; board paired high).

So, actually, seeing this numbers I conclude that I'm not losing $ because of SSS (I'm pretty sure that SSS is profitable!!) or because I'm playing bad. But blinds are "eating" my bankroll:

So, my questions are:
Everything I said here is correct? Or Am I missing something?
Should I keep trying that or have to modify something in my play? I'm asking that because I play on Mansion. I build my bankroll from $50 to $230 on there, but when they are part of OnGame network. These stats above (25-sep until today) are from iPoker network (new Mansion plataform). So I was thinking that maybe SSS on there is much more difficult than OnGame...

If you need another information, please let me know..

Thank you!!!

best regards