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From 110k to ???$

    • jordgubban
      Joined: 19.03.2008 Posts: 132
      Hello everyone i decided to start a blog on here because i have alot of spare time and i think it might be some fun. Since i enjoy reading other players blogs i think it's time i give some back now.

      This blog will obviously be focused on poker but if i ever do anything else i'll let you know lol.

      As it is now i'm playing 5/10 and some 3/6,10/20 NL holdem on fulltiltpoker. I recently cashed out my stars roll to have some fun and buy an xbox :) But i plan on depositing like 20k or something so i can play higher stakes on stars aswell AND i only need 10k fpp for a 32 inch TV that i can have in my room.

      My long-term goal with poker is basically to make a living playing poker and getting better while doing it or vice-versa since i would play even if i didn't make as much money.
      And "short-term" i plan on making 90k so that i have 200k by the end of the year, but i might be aiming a bit too high.

      I'm just writing stuff as i come up with it, for the last 1-2 months i've been experimenting alot trying out different styles etc. Just trying to find myself in a poker style. But i came to the conclusion that you should always adapt and always be unpredictable, playing poker just like you read in some book won't get you far (At lower stakes it might but i mean higher stakes is a different game.)

      And i will try to make daily updates atleast now in the beginning and we'll see how it goes. I think that's it. Interview with me so you can get some more background info if you haven't read my other thread.Jordgubban Interview

      Oh and i don't go to school or anything, i just play poker.

      I hope you will have fun reading. And i want to be a blackmember aswell :D
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