Feedback: Quiz of the Week: How good is your Hold'em #2

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    • gape0000
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      You managed to score 17 out of a total of 21 possible points. This corresponds to 81 %!

      1.1 question: i choose to raise because of the note that he overplays the flop , basicly to go for cap flop, bet/calldown turn (like in problem 1.2)

      I did very good at almost all of the equity and range questions i just missed the last one completely dont know why i didnt include the backdoor flush and straight , well guess i was speeding :P
    • MP87
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      You managed to score 15 out of a total of 21 possible points. This corresponds to 71 %!

      Thanks for the quiz.
    • Yoghi
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      18/21 this time :)

      I agree with gape on question 1.1 though.
    • Amirapuato
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      18/21 Too. Also raised the flop in the first. :)
    • ciRith
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      1.1 with the read that he overplays the flop I check/raise the flop to induce the 3-bet.

      1.2 again with that read I go for the turn check/raise. I doubt that the explaination that a check/raise is less scary is that important.

      2.2 please fix the third answer. I thought that a flopcall might be fine so I assumed that we have around 30% equity and decided to go with the third (no idea why ^^). :/

      25-35% equity
      30% or more equity

      2.4 I never expected to have that much equity in a 3-way pot and missed the pair somehow. ;)

      EDIT: You managed to score 15 out of a total of 21 possible points. This corresponds to 71 %! +2 without the missread. ^^

      How bad. Should maybe took a bit more time with the equity decisions instead of going with my feeling. ;) So same as gape0000. :)

      You need to adjust the ranges. 20-24 while there are only 21 possible is a bit.... ;)


      might be better.

      Good quiz again. Keep it on. :)
    • TerrorBlade
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      Good quiz but I disagree with the c/c flop c/r turn against LAG especially w/reads that he overplays the flop, as ciRith said c/r/c flop c/r turn would be better.
    • Chazza
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      I got 18/21

      The equity questions I used equilator for, so I guess that doesn't count.

      The one where we needed to come up the hand range, I thought the 3-bet would have been tighter, but I guess I didn't check any tables.
    • Yoghi
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      I was surprised to see the equity in the last question aswell... Rest I just guessed right :P
    • tomzyb
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      19/21 this time.

      My (partial mistakes):
      -C/R flop the first hand instead of c/call --> need to imply this one :)
      -I check/call river when A appears against LAG because i give him a chance to try to bluff and i cant call a river raise if i bet (and LAG could allso bluff-river-raise). Against a TAG or calling-station i would bet/fold.