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      Hey guys.

      I have a poker program that allows the calculation of outs and oddseja. I've been practicing it a lot but now recently studied mathematics outs and oddsien from websites, including articles. I noticed that my program and various net-calculators give me quite different results, especially in the calculation of the odds.
      My program is as follows. We're playing heads-up against computer. At the table is a flop. Me and villain's pocket cards are displayed as a flop.

      Let's take a look:

      Flop: 10c, 6h, 4h.
      Hero: JcJh
      Villain: 6s4s

      Three tens and three Jacks give me 5 outs plus 1 BDO 2h3h which makes a total of 6 outs.

      The program calculates the oddsini are 24-27%.

      In fact, I'm used to calculate my odds so disadvantaged cards in / outs, like this 45 dis.card - 6 outs = 39 dis.card / 6 outs = 6.5 / 1 --> which gives the percentage of the calculated 15.4%.

      Which one will fall right? I or a program?

      Thank you.
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      - you have some extra runner/runner cards. Any boardpairing outside 6 or 4 gives you better 2 pair. Any 2 hearts gives you a flush. It is not much, maybe extra 3%.

      - You calculate your outs like there is 1 card left to come instead of 2. You can hit 6 outs on the turn or on the river. Quick calculation is: outs * 4 + 2 = 6 * 4 + 2 = 26%
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      Originally posted by Occido
      and oddseja. I've
      Sry OT, but I guess you mean odds. :f_biggrin: And btw, since you are Finnish member I hope you have noticed our Finnish Corner if you would like to ask something in Finnish. :)