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[Application] 1month HU & SH stake

    • fusionpk
      Joined: 21.01.2010 Posts: 1,692
      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.

      Hey, i've done these stakes before, it's pretty similar.

      I'd like to apply for a stake to play HU & SH, initially 50 & 100 NL. Across whatever sites I choose.

      I will post a BR plan and stick to it. Profits would be 50/50 including rakeback and whatever bonuses I can get my hands on.

      The only reason I am not backing myself is because I have plans to go pro in late January/Early February. I am trying my hardest at the moment to save up a "life roll" so that I can live comfortably even during hard times. With that in mind, I somehow also need to build a decent enough poker bankroll. I recently started from 50euros and took it up to a few hundred playing the micros building myself a roll. But my hourly is extremely poor playing micros and it's just counter-productive.

      I'd like to be staked for a month (ASAP since I have a week off work this week so can play 24/7). Chop the profits, then I can go on my own, continue building the roll before I go pro. This way I don't touch my savings and can go into next year feeling comfortable with minimal stress.

      I'll try to find my graphs from the previous stakes of the same nature.

      This was my NL50 SH graph from 2012, before I moved up to 100 SH

      I continued grinding SH at 100-200 for a short while over multiple sites, before taking a break from poker then I moved to HU for a while:

      After this I withdrew my roll (iirc).

      Then I went on to tackle a similar stake to what I am applying for today:

      Unfortunately I couldn't catch EV on that stake. I then proceeded to do another stake of a similar variety:

      I had a sucky swing at 100 & 200 at the end but that's the nature of HU. I still ended up with a pretty solid bb/100 and returned a decent ROI for investers.

      I then did a short stake with a close friend of mine. I started at 50 but quickly moved up to 100 & 200 SH mix. (Only SH). I also had a fair amount of coaching from the deal (my friend plays mostly 400-1k).

      After this I then did my own challenge from 50 euros. Made it into a few hundred dollars but it's a real grind and my hourly is really poor. I also feel like I wana play my real limits again, keep my self sharp and hopefully push myself to improve.

      My BRM plan is so:
      @ $2500 I will play $50 NL / $100 NL HU. Aswell as £50/50euro HU.
      If I drop to <= $2000, I will play $50 NL / £50 NL / 50euro NL HU.
      Under $1500 I will play only $50NL HU.
      @ $4000 I will introduce £/euro 100NL tables also. drop @ $3.5k
      @ $5000 I will introduce 200nl $ and drop @ $4000

      At <$2500 ill only play NL50 SH. At 2500+ i'll play NL50 and soft NL100 tables.

      Please note all HU will be bumhunting. SH i'll just sit sensible tables for the most part.

      I will keep a rail in the rail section.

      I would like to start ASAP if possible since I have a whole week off work (extremely rare). I wish i'd posted this a week ago really.

      Request: $2,500 5%=$125

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