Random Security Check

    • trucmuche04
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      I told my poker playing buddies about Poker Strategy and some of them thought it was pretty sweet that you could sign-up and get 50$ to play for free.

      However, the first of my friends that did just told me that Poker Strategy asked him to send them his drivers licence info as part of a "random security check". He told me that stank of identity theft and wouldn't submit the info. Indeed, I can see why gambling sites such as Party Poker, FullTilt, Titan Poker etc, would want to certify the identity of their users but I think that Poker Strategy itself asking for that kind of information is pretty sketchy. Why does Poker Strategy requests that kind of info? Isn't there any other type of less intrusive measures that could be taken in order to verify identity if that is really needed?

      Anyway, the end result now is that the 50$ bonus that looked "too good to be true" coupled with that information request has convinced my friend to never use the site again. Of course, he told my other buddies and they're are now wary of the site.

      My opinion is that indeed smart people should pay attention to what kind of information they share with websites and although I personnally have a good experience with Poker Strategy so far (in part because such info was not requested when I signed up), I cannot find good arguments to convince my friend of surrendering the personnal information. I would never share on the web information like my driver licence # or SIN. I would share only my credit card # with well known websites that actually have a requirement for it (such as gambling sites or when purchasing something).

      Poker Strategy is none of that and I don't see why they should get anything more than basic info.
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    • gaz639
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      hi, i can see where your coming from with this but it is completely justified in my opinion, when i signed up i was sceptical at first and left it around 3 months before i eventually emailed my id details. The only reason they do this is because they are giving away $50 which is a 1 time deal so they want to make sure people aren't creating multiple accounts, this is the only thing they use the information for and i can fully understand why they would want my id and proof of residence. If you offered somebody $50 would you want to make sure you only gave it them once or would you trust people wouldn't make multiple accounts in the society we are in today? I would recommend pokerstrategy to everybody i know. I hope this answers both you and your friends queries.
    • Rowkilla
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      I had to send my ID aswell, but just like they say somewhere you can erase your signature. Atleast on my ID (Portugal) everything else thats on the ID is stuff you need to submit anyways, i dont see any problem with sending your ID, dont see how it can be used for any evil doings.
    • thunderbird56
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      It's necessary to make ID-checks. It protects our system against people who try to abuse sothat we can continue to offer this kind of service. As a matter of fact, we are not the only site which requires ID checks, all websites offering free bankrolls do it. Moreover, PokerStrategy is a trusted site and your documents are kept in confidence and not forwarded to any party.

      Best regards,
    • One12ver
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      When I sent my ID, I had all important #'s and signature hidden, and they excepted it. I think they are really only looking for where you live and name so they can stop you from obtaining more than one 50$ bankroll.
    • jorkata80
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      Are you sure that security check is random..Because all me t-a-f users must send their id cards..And i dont know why but that is problem for them , for that reason i have around 70 t-a-f users and only 14 players are received 50$ ..
    • arjun2001
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      what about phone calls? sms verification or something?