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      good day to you all...

      hi my name is mikey, i have just recently joined up with poker strategy and am delighted to be taking part in this beginners course!. i have been playing poker for the last couple of weeks only as i have just arrived home from travelling around the world for the last few years so now i have some time on my hands i would like to become one of those guys i see on the tele late at nights.. hehe, i like playing and would love to become a better player, if thats possible, maybe not hehe.. i played online afew years ago for a little bit, but didnt know what i was doing, it was just for entertainment i suppose i never took it seriously so maybe now i can at least try :)
      i have been doing some reading here on poker strategy and wow alot of good stuff!.
      so thats it really!, a helping hand along the way ,i wont say no! :)

      me again, iv gone wrong already, iv introduced myself on the wrong page and cant find where i have to do the homework??
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