Hi, since the bankroll promotion started on partypoker. Ive been recomending pokerstrategy to all my freinds and family, and made them sign up on partypoker. I feal partypoker is without a doubt the best starting site. Beside the 50 dollars, you get to play lot of freerolls including there amazing bankroll promtion. Somehow it has gone supraisingly good. 4 people recivd there capital and another pending. 1 made a deposit aswell. My problem is that 2\4 people has played like 13-14 points and ergo dont get me the 10 dollar 15 points barrier. Since i know this people personaly, they probly gone make a deposit some time down the line and get me atleast 25 dollars each. Soh 4 starting capital , and 35 dollar earned in referal. How should i make my referals dont blow the starting capital? I also have problem makeing people send in there id scan, 4 referal was asked for id scan 2 sent theres in. How can i make more people send there id-scan. Is this how the rest of you TAFers meet? Also when i have passed 50 dollar TAF, must the money be transferd to a poker account made tru pokerstrategy or can i example send it to my partypoker account, with the same deatils only has not been made tru pokerstrategy. I belive as long the account is mine and carry the same info, i shouldent have to transfer my taf money to a poker account creadted tru pokerstrategy.