8 table minimum

    • dmac08
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      lol playing minimum of 8 tables is your advice ? playing too many tables just puts u off your game and i agree u are a luckbox your luck wil run out sooner or later
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    • drachdudek
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      depends on you skill,level of play, confort of play, tables a lot of factors...you will gain this feeling when playing 200.000k hands and then you will know how to adjust to proper multitabling..

      When i am confortable and all factors are positive i play 16+ tables, when i dont fell, confortable, tables are not fishy etc.. i play even less then 8 tables...
    • MrSvingKing
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      Agree with dmac. It depends.

      A year ago I played no more than 2 table at the time. Yesterday I have 2 sessions 8 tabling for about 30 to 40 minuts. Thats how long I can concentrate ATM, without the kids screeming or something :P