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adjusting your game or not?

    • DonQ777
      Joined: 08.06.2008 Posts: 11
      I have the following question and would like come advise how to address this. I am playing on Titan and worked through NL10 and now playing on NL20. This is working fine and with the TAG strategy of the BSS approach I am at the winning side (playing over 30k hands).

      However I am also playing on NL10 Everest and noticed that they play like grazy, very often limping and very often I have 2 a 3 players with vp$ip >40% at one table. That sounds good so it should be easy to gain some money here, for what ever reason this is not working. Playing 10k hands but only being a little at the positive side.

      Most of the time you are in with 3 a 5 players. They are limping a lot. I have seen the most grazy hands, like AA lost against K7 where two 7’s came on the board, etc… I find it hard to put them on any ranges, and going after them to see if they are bluffing or go ahead with the all-in with 4 players pre-flop is more like gambling to me.

      The question I have is how to adjust your game, should you play even tighter and more aggressive? or should you limp more often and be aggressive after the flop, or keep on going and follow the SHC and BSS strategy?

      What would be a good guidance here?

      Thx, Don
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    • Nunki
      Joined: 25.10.2006 Posts: 865
      Keep the loose-crazies to your right if possible.

      Suited Aces, SC's go up in value especially when you have position.

      Fire more second barrels versus the looser types.

      Play your hands faster in general.

      Try and learn how to value bet more thinly (eg. Forget about pot control lines with TPTK type hands).

      Be more inclined to induce bluffs with your marginal hands especially when you have position.

      Be patient and remember that these games are more swingy (to your BR that is).

      Try not to let yourself get run over as these guys will always be looking to float you (even when they are OOP).

      Position is even more important.

      Check that not too many hands follow this pattern: You raise PF, cbet villain calls, you check fold turn.

      Tighten up PF whenever you are likely to be OOP versus crazy(s).

      Last but not least, run good. :P
    • davidangel
      Joined: 03.09.2008 Posts: 456
      Perhaps instead of adjusting your game you could switch your style to suit the chum level. BSS has a higher variance in general, and when you play with chum the variance is even higher, even more so at the lowest limit. Perhaps you could try SSS on everest as the variance is lower and SSS loves the limp/gimps minraisers PF for the dead money.
      I don't recommend major changes to BSS or SSS, at the same time, minor changes to suit your table can be profitable when you feel you have enough experience.
      Some food for your thoughts