PS teaching videos - a way to improve their effectiveness.

    • Glopslart
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      I have a suggestion to improve the effectiveness of PS videos.

      Many years ago I heard a famous American trial lawyer explaining how he addressed juries -

      "First, I tell 'em what I'm goin' to tell 'em. Then I tell 'em. Then I tell 'em what I told 'em."

      I think the technique is called 'reinforcement'.

      Include an introduction listing what specific points the presenter is trying to teach.

      Include a summary at the end, revisiting those points, and identifying the places in the video where they had been illustrated.

      What do people think?
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    • Lazza61
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      Hey Glopslart,

      Thank you for your post.

      Our videos are generally produced to a set standard which has proven successful over the years in ensuring our members are best prepared for entering the tough world of real money poker.

      Points are presented in a structured manner to ensure all players get the full picture.

      If we were to produce videos in that manner, it would encourage people to only look at the points in the video that interest them, leaving them ill-prepared and wouldn't reflect well on

      Don't be discouraged though. We are always reviewing the way we package our strategy articles and videos.

      If you have any further suggestions feel free to post them as feedback from the community is highly valuable in structuring the way we move forward.

      Best regards


      P.S. Please tell me the cards have stopped mocking. :)
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      I've moved this to the relevant board guys :)

      I will speak to Education on their view point on this as well.

    • Glopslart
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      I am pleased that this idea is generating traction! :D

      I am reposting, mostly for the purpose of self-aggrandisement, but partially to put the post in the ticker on the Home Page. If other noobs see this and like the idea, please post on this thread as well.
    • pleno1
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      Hi Glopslart,

      thanks for the feedback. have you seen any of our new "pokerstrategy" videos? we follow a similar process and thats how we would like our videos to be ideally. If you look at Weazel's videos you will see he follows a similar format.

      For live videos I think its a little bit unecessary because you dont know what is going to come up!!

      For more theory videos, we agree with you and will try to push this forward on further theoretical videos.
    • Glopslart
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      Thanks to the senior people who have taken an interest. I am serious about the value of the technique.

      Some of the coaches already do something very like what I suggest, albeit not in a structured way. In other videos, I have been left bewildered about what the coach was trying to teach us.

      Laz: the cards still mock me, although they have laid off the worst of it for the last week. I have found a niche where my opponents are even worse than I am.
    • ThatGuyMatt
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      Originally posted by Glopslart
      Thanks to the senior people who have taken an interest. I am serious about the value of the technique.
      No problem.

      We're here to make this the best place for content and with feedback with can continue to do that and make it even better for the community.

      If you have any other suggestion we will always have a look and take them on-board ;)