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    • sc2zerker
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      Hello, I was reading and i noticed something odd about the article / the way I play.

      I prefer to play A9s-A2s a lot more often than JTs, KTs, K9s, T9s ect.

      The chart suggests to push with JTs is stronger than A9s (early position pushing chart)

      I play at the micro limits (12cent) and i find players calling ranges are much wider. If i push with 8BBs I feel i will most likely be called with the top 15% of hands, Not top 5%. Am i thinking about this wrong? How is JTs stronger than A9s in this case. Thanks in advance!
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    • jonnyjm
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      I'm not an S&G expert as i play cash games but i think it would be because of the equity vs a predicted calling range.

      eg: A3 is not in the best shape v hands like 55, 66 etc. Where as JT would be flipping with most PP's that call. Also big A's will have A3 dominated where as JT would have more equity v AK/AQ. A-3 obvs is blocking combos of AK/AQ/AA, but the equity JT gains against a calling range as a whole is more significant.

      As i say though i'm not an S&G expert.
    • sc2zerker
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      Well you know it's interesting. I play at ultra micro stakes. 12cent buy-ins. At my stakes I expect someone to be calling with top 12% of their hands not top 5%. A simple caculation in equilab will tell me that JTs vs A2s, A2s are way better. Even if adapt the cards that i expect players will calling with. something like this 22+,A2s+,KTs+,QTs+,JTs,A2o+,KTo+,QTo+,JTo A2s is still better. The time where A2s becomes a lot worse than JTs is when it reaches the top 5% calling range.

      For JTs to be better the opponents calling range must be under 7% something like this


      while at my limits It's more like this at min


      in which case A2s is 2% better.

      For me though i dont consider these cards part of my raising range unless i get to 4-6BB which i might be losing a lot of value in. Wanted to see a coaches opinion or a expert S&G player.

      KTs-K9s, QTs, JTs