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new software ICM by flushflush

    • flushflush
      Joined: 13.12.2007 Posts: 3,432
      @ mod: I asked permission to admin to open this post.
      This software wasn't developed by, its use will be at your own risk.


      hello guys, I'm from italian community and I'll try write in english :)
      I'm a SnG regular and I've created a new software of ICM calculation called ICM Evolution, you can fnd it here:
      it's all free till 15 december
      software has italian and english languages, but english internet site in going to be ready in a week I guess; if you don't understand italian just download software here: by clickin on the red botton
      then click on "login/registrati" page, click on registrati and do signup.
      once logged in click "area utenti" then click on "associa il tuo computer" to have password to use all functions of the software, then past it on the right place inside the software.

      for any questions, problems and feedbacks write here, thx

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    • ThatGuyMatt
      Joined: 03.12.2010 Posts: 3,765
      It's free to download until 15th December, if I download now will it continue to be free to use after that? Or is it free to use until then?

      Oh, and best of luck wit this project!
    • flushflush
      Joined: 13.12.2007 Posts: 3,432
      well, till 15 december it'll all free, then the download will be free but you'll be able to use just ICM calculation that's usefull to make some deal in MTT; to use all other functions will be necessary to pay. for pokerstrategy users, of course, it will be a bit cheaper than standard :)
      chart of costs of the software will be online soon
    • pmania
      Joined: 20.04.2007 Posts: 2,166
      How much does this cost anyway ? Ohw nevermind found it on the site, but can you also pay on a month to month basis or not ?