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Donk bet in general?

    • Heitzenizer
      Joined: 04.02.2012 Posts: 885
      For e.g when flopping trips from the blinds in a multiway pot, do you lean more to donking then checking?

      Pre-Flop: ($0.35, 6 players) Hero is BB A:spade: 8:spade: 6:diamond: 10:heart:
      UTG raises to $0.85, UTG+1 calls $0.85, CO calls $0.85, 2 folds, Hero calls $0.60

      Flop: 5:club: 8:club: 8:heart: ($3.50, 4 players)

      Do you always donk premium? Do you ever donk big draws multiway? Do you ever donk to protect a weakish top 2 with low/no re-draw.

      Heads up do you donk premium or do you slow play more. Any point check raising?

      I know it's very opponent dependent, but is there a general thought vs a unknown opponent?
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    • Kyyberi
      Joined: 09.07.2010 Posts: 11,157
      To find the answers, you need to ask yourself:

      - What good might happen if I donk?
      - What bad might happen if I donk?
      - What good might happen if I check?
      - What bad might happen if I check?

      It really depends on board, opponents, your hand, dynamics, image etc.
    • Skodljivec
      Joined: 17.12.2011 Posts: 5,709
      Donking with everything you said above is good. It also, like you said, depends on your opponents. Donk strong hands vs those who don't bet but like to call donks, donk air vs those who like to fold to donk bets etc...


    • kutero
      Joined: 16.12.2013 Posts: 14
      i think about the stack size above all. other than that i mix up, playing it both ways when i feel its close. adjust to opponent s, of course. some hands and types fit better for checks in this or that situation but mostly there are no absolutes vs. random opponents. and being mixed is simply good. sometimes it depends of what the others think about ones image so far. i really hate absolutes and dont really care in many or even most situations of how i will play my hand, though i think about the stacks and the opponents styles and my image. but other than that i wouldnt care less and do all the possibilities with most type of hands.