Question regarding Aggression Frequency

    • cookyik
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      I have been playing poker regularly for about 2 months now,
      About ~200 hands a day on NL10 six max, and I just reach 10K hands!! :tongue:

      Just now I am trying to spot some leaks on my game,
      I found out I am a bit low on VPIP, PFR, 3Bet, Restealing from SB and BB
      a bit high on Fold to Flop bet, Fold to Turn bet, Fold to River Bet.

      For these, I know what to do to fix my leaks, like raise more hand when IP, Wider my 3Bet hands, float/raise more on flop/turn/river.....etc.

      However, I found a big leak that I dont know how to fix.
      I am too low on Overall AFq%, Flop AFq%, Turn AFq%, River AFq%
      However, my Aggressive Factor is all good despite the Aggression Frequency is too low.

      What does Aggression Frequency mean? How should I fix it?

      Here is my stat on AF & AFq% over 10K hands

      AF 2.93/3.07/3.01/2.40 (overall/flop/turn/river)
      Agg% 32.8/34.1/32.6/28.8

      Any thought or suggestion is much appreciated!
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    • Lazza61
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      Hey cookyik,

      Agression Frequency (AFq%) operates on a formula of:

      (Raises + Bets) / (Raises + Bets + Calls + Folds).

      Aggression Percentage ( Agg Pct) operates on a formula of:

      (Raises + Bets) / (Raises + Bets + Calls + Folds + Checks).

      They are very similar with Agg Pct classing checks as passive while AFq% classes them as neutral.

      What this tells you is how often your action is aggressive in regards to your overall actions.

      0 - 30 % = Too Passive. Calling station, weak-tight, fit and fold.
      30 -60% = Ideal range where low end is less aggressive and high end more aggressive. TAGs to LAGS
      60% + Maniac. Bets or raises most pots.

      I hope this explains it a bit, but I'm sure someone will add some more.


    • cookyik
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      Hey Laz,

      Thanks for the reply :)
      I am not familiar to the Agg Pct stat, I think I have not seen it before,
      Anyway, if I am too low on AFq% or Agg Pct, then I should raise/bet more often,
      in other word, add some bluffs in my game.

      That way I can increase my AFq% as well as Agg Pct.
      Do you think my thought is correct?


    • TJtheTJ
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      Hi cookyik,

      Yes, you are basically correct. You can increase your AFq simply by being more aggressive in general. There are a couple of ways to do this, for example:

      1) Cbet more often on the flop, even if you missed.
      2) Value bet more thinly on the turn and river.
      3) Attack your opponents' weak ranges aggressively.

      Of course you should only do any of these when applicable. If you would like any explanation on any of these points just let us know. I can also move this to our No Limit board if you want, it might get some more exposure there :)

      Kind regards,
    • kutero
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      the aggro percentage might be of some use if ur a genius. i have never found it of any help over the more specific stats.
    • RasTweet
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      Hey Cookyik

      I wouldn't worry to much about "fixing" your aggression frequency. Just improve your game and the aggression frequency will improve (whatever that means) as well!

      I never use the stat to be honest. I just look what kind of tendencies the villain has. Some keep raising flops in 3b pots. This probably means that his aggression frequency is going to be high, but tbh I never checked that.