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      :spade: Good afternoon, :spade:

      I am new to pokerstrategy and relatively new to poker, I have played a little online, bust my $100 after a few days and I have played home games with my friends where the standard isn’t very good. So my poker experience is pretty low! I am hoping to improve vastly as a player over the next year or so and intend to start playing in January 2014 with a bankroll of $100-$150 playing NL5. I have started reading “the education of a modern poker player” which is what led me to this site in the first place and has so far been a good read even though some of it has gone over my head.

      I have a few questions for you guys that I think will help me with my poker, I have listed them below: ?(

      • What format would you suggest, cash or sit n go?
      • Is it okay to start at NL5 cash?
      • Is there any recommended reading that you guys can point me in the direction of?
      • Are there any books that are current? As all the recommended ones I have found are 3-4 years old.
      • Are there any sites I should be avoiding?
      • Is private coaching for me or should I wait until I have sufficient experience?

      I think that is enough questions to get me going, thanks in advance.

      :spade: Flooooky :spade:
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      Hey Flooooky and welcome to PokerStrategy.com.

      That was very nice introduction and you found the right place to put your poker to higher level. First of all i would like to ask you if you have already chosen one of our partner rooms? Here you can find the list of them. You can also start you career with some free money. Free money is always good isn't it? :f_cool:

      Here are my answers to your questions.
      What format would you suggest, cash or sit n go?

      Just choose the one you prefer. I think it is easy as that :f_biggrin: .

      Is it okay to start at NL5 cash?

      I think you can start with NL5. But if you are a beginner i think starting with NL2 would be optimal. You can beat NL2 in notime and then move up step by step. I don't even think that it is mandatory to deposit 100 - 150. You can deposit something like 60 and go with NL2. Of course you can start also with NL5 and then move to NL2 if things go in wrong direction.

      Is there any recommended reading that you guys can point me in the direction of?

      If you decide to play cash game i would definitely recommend you to start and pass our Begginers Course. It is nice structured course with help of our experienced coaches. There are also Strategy Articles you don't want to miss. First you will have access only to Basic content but when you become Bronze or Silver you will unlock many more content as articles and videos.

      Are there any books that are current? As all the recommended ones I have found are 3-4 years old.

      Of course there are. You said that you are reading “the education of a modern poker player”. This is a good start. 3 or 4 years old books are a bit outdated. But still there are many good points. The most important thing is that you don't want to copy things written in books but you have to try to understand them.

      Are there any sites I should be avoiding?

      All our partner rooms are trustworthy. I would suggest you to go through forum and see the feedback of our users. Of course it is very important what do you expect form site. Do you expect many promotions, do you expect outstanding software, excellent support and so on. I think you cannot do any mistake deposit to one of our listed sites. Just follow the instructions correctly :f_cool: . I have accounts almost everywhere :f_biggrin: .

      Is private coaching for me or should I wait until I have sufficient experience?

      Private coaching is great. But i still think you can learn a lot without it at the beginning. It is pretty easy to become Silver member and then you can post your hands to evaluations and get response from our professional coaches. When you learn the basics and budget allow you to hire a coach this is a great option. I had a coaching consisted from 10 sessions and it was really great. I learnt so so much. You will receive all help needed here. Entire community is ready to help you on every step.

      I would also suggest you to start your own blog to update your progress. Blogging is very popular among a lot of players. It is great also for motivation. In general just go step by step. With enough work and good will only sky is the limit :f_cool: .

      I hope i answered your question. If you have more of them we will be happy to assist you. Good luck an your journey Flooooky and i hope to see you around.
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      Hi, Flooooky!

      Welcome to PokerStrategy.com !

      It sounds like you have your course mapped out fairly well.

      May I suggest that you take the quiz which will elevate you to bronze status, at which point a wealth of information becomes available to you.

      If it fits your plan, why not avail yourself of some free poker money, and sign up with one of the affiliated Poker Rooms?

      Once that is settled, I highly recommend the beginner's course -- it is a logical progression through the learning material.

      I'll try to answer your questions, but bear in mind that these are only my opinions -- others will have their own.

        Format: Cash. It is the basis for all other formats. In tournaments there are other dynamics that come into play when the blind levels rise. Once you are comfortable at cash games, grow into the SnGs and MTTs
        NL5 to start? Sure, if you have the $$ for it -- and you do. Even so, it might make sense to "practise" at NL 2 -- the play is not much different between the two, and your mistakes won't cost as much.
        Recommended reading: You're reading it. :) Once you've tilted a few times, I recommend "The Mental Game of Poker" by Jared Tendler.. It goes without saying (so I'll say it) -- you should read all of the basic and Bronze strategy articles. (see comment on Beginner's course above)
        Sites to avoid: Any of our affiliated rooms should be OK, but even there read the reviews carefully. Read the first post in this thread: "Choosing the right Poker Room for you!" Then make a post at the end, and someone will steer you toward the best fit.
        IMO Private coaching will make most sense when you're at NL 25 and up. Our weekly coaching sessions are more than adequate for a beginner.

      Best of luck,
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      Hey Flooooky

      Welcome to PokerStrategy.com!

      The authors of "the education of a modern poker player" are both coaches here and JB is a respected and well known member.

      About your questions:
      :spade: What format?
      That is very personal. You should play what you enjoy most.

      :spade: NL5 cash?
      Depends on the bankroll you have. If you deposit $150 I can't see any problems with playing NL5. You just want to make sure to follow a good bankroll management. I you don't you might want to bust another roll and thats never nice :(

      Link to bankroll management article

      :spade: Recommended reading.
      Well "the education …" should be a good book (haven't read it yet). To be honest I've never read a poker book. But we do have a book section on PokerStrategy.com. We also have loads of articles that you can read for free!

      Link to poker books
      Link to articles

      We also have a ton of video's you can watch if you don't feel like reading.

      Link to video's.

      :spade: Sites you should avoid.
      I really don't know to be honest. I play on the poker rooms we have here and I never had problems with them.

      Link to our poker rooms

      :spade: Should you take coaching.
      Well if you are rather new I'd say no. You can learn the bare basics by just reading here on PokerStrategy.com.

      We also have the "No Limit beginners course". During this course you will learn the basics that you should know in poker.

      Link to beginners course

      The problem is that you are basic and you need to be bronze to access that article :( But that easily fixed! Take a look at our free poker offers, sign up to a room tracked to us, receive money and become bronze or even silver!

      Link to free money offers

      There is still much more we have to offer just don't want to overload you. If you have questions regarding anything, don't hesitate to ask them. We are here to help you.

      Best regards

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      Welcome to the community Flooooky!
    • Flooooky
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      Good morning,

      Thank you for the welcome and all of the information guys! Greatly appreciated. Seem like a well ran and friendly forum, hopefully this will be a good place to start my poker "career"!

      :spade: Flooooky:spade:
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      Seems that all 3 of them didn't realise that the others where witting their replys so you got flooded with info :D It's always good to get a varied opinion though!

      So what did you choose to do in the end or are you still deciding?
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      Welcome Flooooky. I am new here also yet I am a veteran poker player. I think any information you can absorb before you start playing would be highly beneficial. Doing so will allow you to associate the important aspects of the game with your experiences at the tables more quickly and accurately. Not everything will make sense at first but after your first thousand hands you will begin to make some strong associations between your experience and the practices of veterans that you may read from books or articles. Definitely start at NL2.

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      Nice to see you getting involved Mark :f_cool:
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      Hi and good luck at the tables!