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Constant problems with the iPoker client

    • kavboj84
      Joined: 16.06.2011 Posts: 2,173

      I'm pretty sure that many iPoker players experience disconnection problems, as I have read this here on the forums and see a buttload of disconnections every freakin day at the tables as well.

      For me its now becoming quite overwhelming and planning to leave iPoker. I have been losing around 10$ in the last few days just by not being able to play after posting the blinds due to disconnetion, and now I cant even re-login after I have been disconnected cause the client keeps displaying "loading tables" and nothing happens, the login process gets stuck at this point.

      I dont want to contact the iPoker support because I have seen that others did it already and of course they wash their hands clean claiming that their apparently erroneous software is flawless and they are not responsible for all this and the root of the problem is in the local host for sure.

      I have been tolerating the endless stream of iPoker issues so far (its not exclusively a betfair issue but on BF it seems to appear a lot more frequently) but now I feel its a bit too much, and if it does not change or you cant come up with a solution I will choose another network to play at.

      Any ideas / alternatives ?
  • 2 replies
      Joined: 27.09.2009 Posts: 22,027
      Hey kavboj84,

      Apart from a slight issue (within the last few hours and that has now been solved) I've had no issues with the network for the last few weeks that I have been playing there.

      I have seen plenty of examples where refunds have been issued where disconnections have taken place so I would strongly advise that you contact the support team. I must say that I have nothing but fond words for most of the support representatives out there.

      I haven't played at Betfair yet (planning to do so in January) so I cannot comment on them but I have played recently at Gala and Coral with no issues except for today as mentioned already.

      Kind regards,
    • kerwinty
      Joined: 16.04.2012 Posts: 35
      I think the issue may be mainly at the playtech skins. I just today noticed a 12 bi difference between my pt and my account on titan. I just signed up at betfair with a good deal but am dreading the constant disconnects. Its good for -10-15 bi a month and is hard to overcome even with great rb. Would love to hear a Betfair rep comment. Same thread is active on 2plus2 with no comment. Maybe I should move to gala???