PT3 Stats: Losing at 1.5$ Turbos

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    • kurrkabin
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      Hi, andreibalint!

      Only from the comment itself, I can already point a few things I think you can do better, lets start from that and then I will add a few more things regarding the graph:

      When in HU:
      -play exploitable strategy. Many players will not adjust/have leaks in their game and you need to be able to take advantage of that. To be more specific-never ever push QJ 20bb, KTo 20bb, JTs 20bb as you lose ton of value pre. Never 3bet shove them over a raise either, unless opponent is r/c 78s for 20bb, which happens rarely.

      These hands(QJ, KT, JTs) have great playability postflop, you have positional advantage and when u push-u win 1 bb out of 20bb, but when u get called, often you are flipping at best(a bit behind actually vs pairs and Ax). On top of that-you lose significant value from hands that will flat and playback post-like T7s, T5s, T8o, K5o, J5s. So what I suggest doing vs most opponents is-open shove 22/33 as they suck postflop. No matter what range our opponent call, it's never gonna be a minus EV shove. I mean...really, never. QJ/KT/JTs I will generally raise pre for value. If opponent is 3betting a lot-you have to adjust by wideing up your r/c range and start limping some middling hands like 89s, JTs, QTo that will be very marginal raise/calls. Rag Ax-out of position for 20bb-just shove them on a raise readless. IP-better raise them pre. They will be unexploitable shoves pre just like 22/33, but there is usually more value postflop as we have strong showdown value, etc, etc. For 16bb effective or less, I generally shove low Ax-A2-A7(suited and offsuited) and raise/induce with A8+

      So from your comments, I suggest-work on your HU game. That will increase your overall winnings by a lot. Many 9-man, 6-man turbo regs suck at HU game. Even at midstakes, not to mention micros.

      The figures-hard to say and yes-480 sngs is no sample. You need much bigger one. Try with 3k and see where you stand.

      You need to-not fold to a cbet as often, c/r much more and get familiar with putting our opponents on ranges and level of thinking(can he fold mid/third pair, is there value in thin betting second pair/good kicker etc, etc). You need also to defend your blinds more often.

      But once again-better good a sample first and then we analyse in more details.

      Wish you a much better run until then!
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    • andreibalint
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      Thanks a lot, I'll try to digest and use your advice. I played around with a ROI simulator and basically there's a slim chance that i'm beating these games by 5%+ ROI and run at -8% for 500 games, so that got me thinking.

      For me it's really weird since I was beating 12$ SNG's pre black friday and now I'ts hard to beat 1.5?? I have no clue what the hell changed that much.

      How about bubble abuse? Used to work great and I'm bleeding money with all the trash hands.