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    • pelbonek
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      God damn it, once I tried to learn german for a year but failed, Grammar stuff forced me to give up but I managed to learn spannish within a year because I really enjoyed it. I'd recommend you to fall in love with a language if you want to master it. Best of luck for all your goals dude!
    • Lazza61
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      Hey BeatTheGame,

      Welcome to the blogs.

      In my 1st year of high school I was required to do learn a language. My choices were French and German.

      I looked at the pros and cons. French - romantic, German - difficult to pronounce. French - more jobs for translators, German - less jobs. French - Middle-aged fat battleaxe with a wart on her chin. German - Hot 22 yo blonde teacher.

      No prizes for guessing which I picked and no surprises after the full year that the best I could come up with was "Das Herr wit das Hund in das strasse." lol

      GL with your journey

    • PriscoInline
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      Halo. Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch, aber ich spreche viel Englisch und Portuguiesisch.
      That's all I know.
      Good luck in your goals. Did you move to Germany alone or with your family?
    • BeatTheGame
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      German - Hot 22 yo blonde teacher.

      @PriscoInline Hey,No i comming in Germany with my Family.I'm here 1 month so far.And start working on McDonalds.I learn basic Deutsch but is really Hard.