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Should I have folded AA?

    • jokersgrinn
      Joined: 18.06.2011 Posts: 3
      IPoker, $0.01/$0.02 No Limit Hold'em Cash, 8 Players
      Poker Tools Powered By Holdem Manager - The Ultimate Poker Software Suite.

      CO: $2.39 (119.5 bb)
      BTN: $1.95 (97.5 bb)
      SB: $2 (100 bb)
      BB: $1.98 (99 bb)
      UTG+2: $0.89 (44.5 bb)
      MP1: $3.10 (155 bb)
      Hero (MP2): $1.66 (83 bb)
      MP3: $2.09 (104.5 bb)

      Preflop: Hero is MP2 with A A
      2 folds, Hero raises to $0.07, MP3 calls $0.07, CO calls $0.07, 3 folds

      Flop: ($0.24) 4 6 2 (3 players)
      Hero bets $0.14, MP3 raises to $0.34, CO folds, Hero raises to $0.75, MP3 raises to $2.02 and is all-in, Hero calls $0.84

      Turn: ($3.42) 7 (2 players, 1 is all-in)
      River: ($3.42) K (2 players, 1 is all-in)

      $3.42 pot ($0.22 rake)
      Final Board: 4 6 2 7 K
      CO mucked and lost (-$0.07 net)
      Hero mucked A A and lost (-$1.66 net)
      MP3 showed 2 2 and won $3.20 ($1.54 net)
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    • Rihard4a
      Joined: 08.09.2010 Posts: 2,064
    • PriscoInline
      Joined: 05.05.2012 Posts: 326
    • Tomaloc
      Joined: 17.01.2011 Posts: 7,015
      Maybe (?)

      ANY info helps, vs standard nl2 "reg" you probably should fold, else you probably shouldn't.
    • badgerer
      Joined: 29.03.2010 Posts: 555
    • adok4u
      Joined: 31.03.2013 Posts: 28
      You should, cause now we know what he had. But during the game? Ofc no, he could have any straight/flush draw or just a pair and is putting you on A 10+ or maybe even and overpair to the board say 77-99.
    • Hashkan
      Joined: 27.08.2011 Posts: 315
      Not allways, depens on the opponent. Iv seen weak regulars reraising with 2 overs and flushdraw, with weaker overpairs then yours etc. So all depends on your opponents, but generally fold to big action. Its semi rarely that they reraise with flushdraws and overpairs.
    • mesisification
      Joined: 05.08.2011 Posts: 1,465
      If we decide to 3bet on the flop, then our plan should be to call that shove. I would just call that raise on the flop, possibly even fold if villain is passive since we're 3way.
    • Benm473
      Joined: 17.08.2011 Posts: 85
      As played I think you should fold as you have clearly defined that you have a strong hand and literally at this stage I think all the draws are calling and becoming passive should they not complete. Also I think with lower limits the most value is gained not from fighting in spots like these but when they just call you with a weaker overpair or some top pair hand

      I would call flop to his first raiase and check call turn probably chk/fold river too . I haven't looked at the spoiiler yet so will do so in a moment but NL2 is tricky for the reasons that you can have a massive fish bet like you saw there with top pair and an ace kicker or you can have someone wanting to just stack of with a flush draw but on the other hand as is mentioned a nitty NL2 reg probably only does this with a set. if they slow play KK QQ etc they will more likely just call or maybe raise the first time but not the seoncd.

      My spoiler guess is one of the sets as with the board run out there isn't a conventional straight out there (this is nl2 though so I'm not saying 35 isn't possible). I think also most fish would call your flop 3 bet with a flush draw etc and play passive if missed.
    • maca1214
      Joined: 22.07.2013 Posts: 74
      No for the most part unless you knew this guy only does this with monsters and not draws. You can make an argument for just calling or shoving over his raise on the flop.