So who was the idiot?

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      I was not involved in this hand -- but it is interesting for several reasons.

      Converting hands till the cows come home
      PokerStars Limit 5 Card Draw $1/$2 - 5 players

      Button: $47.76
      SB: $32.64
      BB: $10.93
      UTG: $26.02
      CO: $16.38

      Dealing Hands: ($1.50) (5 players)
      UTG calls $1, CO calls $1, Button raises to $2, 2 folds, UTG raises to $3, CO calls $2, Button raises to $4, UTG calls $1, CO calls $1

      First Draw: ($13.50) (3 players)
      UTG stands, CO discards 1, Button discards 2, UTG bets $2, CO folds, Button raises to $4, UTG calls $2

      Button showed K:spade: T:club: T:heart: T:spade: T:diamond: , four of a kind, Tens
      UTG showed Q:diamond: 5:diamond: A:diamond: 7:diamond: J:diamond: , a flush, Ace high
      Button won $20.70
      (Rake: $0.80)

      At the end of this hand, UTG posts:

      I can only presume he is referring to BTN

      The limp/raise is suspicious, but would it still makes sense to cap TTTxx in the face of a limp/raise?
      Risky, maybe, but idiotic?

      UTG pats, and bets out.
      BTN Drew 2, and raises.
      A flush doesn't seem so wonderful now, does it?

      So who was the idiot?
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