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Hand evaluations - making few coaches to look at same thread

    • SPeedFANat1c
      Joined: 04.01.2009 Posts: 5,150
      Sometimes for me it looks that similar hands gets evaluated differently by different coaches.

      And I dont understand the complete reasonings, but just remember that in similar situation I should do that action.

      Next time another coach makes answer to do differently.

      I discussed with skype friends and they say this can be reasons
      - different style of coahces
      - the coach assumes that I have different range of previous street, for example preflop
      - the coach assumes that he will do certain actions on next street, for example bluffs.

      So it looks for me that I post similar hands but do not learn.

      Maybe if several coaches would have to look at the thread, and if some of them disagrees - then he could write the reason why he disagrees with another coach, so student would understand.

      For example one coahc says to not cbet on flop, another thinks its good. Then he write the reason, why he things differently.

      IF he agrees, there would be some button, to just confirm, so the student would see that lets say minimum 3 coahces agree about the line.

      Even coaches might not be 100 % correct, so then it could benefit from each other - when they have different thinkings, by discussing they find the best line.

      Or sometimes the different line could have equal EV, so that would also be good to know.

      But sometimes it just happends that hands look similar for me, but they have some small details which make the lines different when we want max EV. That would be easier to find out.

      What do you think?
  • 2 replies
      Joined: 27.09.2009 Posts: 22,030
      Hey SPeedFANat1c,

      Thank you for your post - I will pass it onto Patrick asap and see what he has to say.

      Best regards,
    • pleno1
      Joined: 19.11.2010 Posts: 5,596
      Hey whats up SF?

      Previously this was impossible because of the amount of hand evaluations we had. We tried and differeniate hand evaluations and discussions. A lot of the dicsussions now take place in the "non hand evaluation boards" you can see there that diamond members, black members, coaches and hand evaluators post there and there is some pretty good threads.

      Because of the sheer volume the hand evaluation forums will naturally work as evaluiation rather than discussion forums even if that is not our intention. Right now our priorities are very quick and very good responses. Im not sure on the exact time but I know that last month it was around 30 minutes for a thread to be responded to, taking into account late night posts etc I think the evaluation forums are working pretty well.

      The next step is now to make the discussion boards more active, so I would suggest there in the future for those kind of more discussion posts about ranges etc rather than "did I do this right"?

      Hope this reaches you well and hope you have a great Christmas.