Polarized Ranges

    • DSharkP
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      Hey Guys,

      Well I've been doing some reading and studying before I get back to the game, and I will be playing mostly 2NL and 5NL, Zoom or Normal Still haven't decided.

      This brings me to three questions regarding theory.

      1) In this games, microstakes, is it worth it to polarize the 3-betting range IP, say for example, 3-Betting only with Premiums and Speculative Hands ( S.Conectors and Small PP ) ? Or no one will really catch on ?

      2) In this same games, would you have Polarized Barreling Range ? Or again not worth it in the micros that you would just value bet ?
      In this same question, If not : Would you still double barrel with a Draw ? Or just check it ?

      3) For microstakes, would you say the "main" theory is Bet-Bet-Bet and fold when you're re-raised ? ( Unless you hold a strong hand such as 2pair+)

      Thanks in advanced for all the help
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    • Tomaloc
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      1) as an alternative to what? 3betting only for value?
      there definitely is value in 3betting light ip, though you must be decent postflop and careful not to turn into a spewmonkey :f_biggrin:

      2) in general micro regs mostly give up too much on the flop so their ranges on later streets are stronger, def avoid multibarrels with low equity.
      double barrel with a draw, depends... :f_biggrin: is it a backdoor draw, what is the specific card, what might be his range (will i also fire river) etc
      oop though in general i often barrel turn with them, just because it's almost always better than x/c or x/f really

      3) even 2p is often pretty weak bluffcatcher :f_biggrin:
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      Thanks Mate,

      Gonna be following your Blog ;)