Full Tilt HUD problem

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      I have been using the Elephant Beta for some time now and I have a persisting problem which I can't fix on my won.

      About 80% of the time that I play (which is always at FTP) the HUD doesn't work. The hands are saved in the database, but the HUD at the table itself is not progressing further then the black box with "Stats appear as soon as you have played enough hands at this table" in it. Example: I am right now on a table where I have played 67 hands. Yet all I can see at the table is the black box.

      The strange thing is that the HUD does work - about 80% of the time. Almost always I play 100NL deepstacked at Full Tilt Poker. This happens at both my laptop and my computer.

      The tables are set to default size. I have tried restarting EB after a couple of dozens hands - never works. It just works straight away (20%) or not at all (80%).

      I am gratefull for any help :D
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