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    • Nysze187
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      Hey, Just passed the quiz, waiting on my $$$. I've played poker a few times before but always ended up having to withdraw my roll for bills and shit. This time I'm hoping I'll stick to it for a little while atleast.

      I choose pokerstars for my deposit, and I also want to put some money of my own into FullTilt, is there a way to add rakeback for that site if I've already choosen stars?

      And what do you guys use to keep track of your play and winnings? Like a spreadsheet or something? anyone have a template to use?

      Oh and I was refered to this site by an ad on a Starcraft site saying this place was started by SC players, anyone here still play??
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    • MrSvingKing
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      You can get rake @ FullTilt if you sign up via PS.com yes.

      But if u are beginner, Full Tilt is not the best place to start at. I would recommend iPoker instead. U can get rake at iPoker but not if you sign up in here.

      I use pokertracker to keep track, and it's a nice piece of software. Holdemmanager is also an tracking software.
    • vhallee
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      hi and welcome aboard :)

      indeed there are some of us who still play starcraft, myself included :D
      this means that if i have some time, we can play on Battle.Net Europe server. you can find me there with the nick mYm.vhallee. cheers!