Poker vs University

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      Hey guys,
      I am currently attending university at my first semester and having a little trouble dividing my time between poker and learning/being present at the university.
      University should be my first priority and I really want to succeed there. On the other hand I also do not want to neglect poker. But both tasks are mind challening because you need to be fully focused all the time and therefore a lot of my mental energy is taken up.

      I do not know how to manage my time and focus on both impoving/grinding poker and studying for university at the same time.
      Last month I focused on grinding and this month I wanted to focus on studying but learning is not much fun.
      This leads to total procrastination at the moment.

      Do you have any advice for me how to succeed at both university and poker?

      Guess here are a couple of grinding students, how do you manage your time?
      University stuff in the morning and poker in the afternoon?
      Certain days of the week only poker on others only studying?
      Focusing on poker the whole semester besides some obligatory university stuff and then 1-2 month before the exams full focus on studying?
      What works for you?

      Thanks for your answers in advance :)

      not sure if this is the right area of the forum, if not please move
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      Do you like what you study at the uni?

      If you don't know how to manage your time now, wait until you get a full time job, get married, have kids ... and still want to succeed in poker :D
      Buuuut if you think you are good enough in poker, go for it, uni can wait :f_thumbsup:

      GL at whatever you choose!
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      Yes I like the subject I study but at the moment learning is not that much fun and I feel like there is some not really necessary stuff I need to learn but I guess that is suposed to be so in the first semester.
      There are some subsidiary subjects in which I need good grades because they are counting for my final mark but I already know I wont deepen those.

      When you have a full time job and work 8h a day I think it is somewhat like this:
      Originally posted by Schnitzelfisch
      Interesting comparison. From my experience, 8 hours of "work" for a usual day-time job consists of maybe 2-3 hours of focused work per day. The rest is breaks, meetings, checking e-mails, talking to other people, lunch...
      But for poker you need to be fully concentrated as well as while studying unless it is not very effective. Unlike midless tasks like caring for you wife, children, etc.
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      i'm at 3rd year of uni, finance studies. I do only mandatorry stuff at uni, skip all classes when possible plus finance is super easy. I manage to put 100+h/month of poker playing/studying the game.

      for exams usually take 3 weeks break from poker. for midterms 1-2 day break

      interesting thing, during sommer I didnt poker much longer per month, maybe it was too hot ;d
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      I think it depends lot on university. I am unable to put more than 50h per month with almost zero studying. I am at the last year of bachlelor degree program on czech technical university and i am pretty sure, that having a fulltime job wont be that time consuming as the school is now.

      However i am sure that there must still be way to get more productive and what is my problem is being quite tired in the evening when i want to grind up some volume.

      Hopefully Primoz would come by and help us with this.

      Does anybody knows or have tried tribulus terrestris? One guy from czech community has posted it in his blog and he is saying only cool things about it and he thinks that it is solution for handling this problem. Eventhough i might try it during exams i still want to be more productive without any help from drugs.
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      Depends how much you actually want to learn from the uni imo - if you really want to become a pro in the specialty you study you should spend a lot of time not only in the uni but also when you arent there - just like youd do w poker if u are a full time pro. If you want good grades and decent base knowledge while playing poker - its achievable (what I do for the sake of it is simply focus on poker/etc when there are no course projects/exams/tests soon and when there are I just decrease the time for poker by 2x-3x or completely remove it, depending on how important/hard/urgent it is) BUT definetly sacrificing more detailed knowledge and full understanding in many subjects(a lot of them are ~~useless in practice anyways) in uni otherwise most likely some other area(s) in your life will suffer unless you are extremely good at managing your time and being super productive(most people arent) => Sum up(my approach) - focus on uni when important/urgent/interesting(if your target is knowing more important and base stuff+good grades), sacrifice other areas of your life if you want to be really good and have decent understanding both in poker&uni or manage your time extremelly good and cut all the slack/facebook etc(hard to maintain over long periods since like u said both poker&uni are quite draining)
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      At the moment it is not really about the learn in particular because the first 3 semester are very general but I already know in what I want to specialize. Also I want to take a master program abraod so it is just about getting good marks in the exams. Guess I just have to wait for the first exams to know how much hour I have to put into studying.

      Taking proper breaks is a good point! I know I take inefficient breaks.
      I usually spend my breaks infront of a screen either TV, PC or smartphone. But I do not really know what else to do. It is not like there is a nice park in my neighbourhood where I could take a nice daily walks or something, also there is not enough domestic work for all the breaks.
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      Unless you make 100k+/year playing poker the choice is really easy. Do you really want to be grinding poker in 15 years from today?
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      Hey, i just saw this - please bring the subject up tomorrow at the seminar.