Chip Pocketing and SSS

    • jg2000
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      First Question:

      It says SSS you have to play between 15 and 25 big blinds.
      Is SSS considered chip pocketing? Because on Titan Poker you are banned
      from the table for a while. And if that is the case is this considered bad manner?

      Second Question:
      Before I learn the basics I want to play limits bellow 0,05/0,10.
      But How do I play if minimum buy-in is more than 25bb.
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    • Puciek
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      10nl is minimum with SSS avialable and no, it's not bm
    • TheBu11d0g
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      It is just a way for the rooms to stop you from leaving the table with 25+ BB, then returning straight after with 20 BB to start again. And i dont think its bad manners either, it's just the way the strategy is best played.
    • hammiemon85
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      if you are on SSS, most people won't like you already anyway.. so.. who cares bout bad manners eh?
    • Velak
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      "Chip Pocketing" or "Ratholing" is IMPOSSIBLE to do in online poker. Many people confuse SSS with ratholing, and they are not the same at all.

      Ratholing is taking money off the table, while you keep playing. For example, when I used to live in Las Vegas, I played craps and blackjack from time to time.

      If I was doing well on a table, it would not be unusual for my wife to come over, and ask for some chips. I'd give them to her... and continue playing. In these games, you're not playing against the other players, but the house. How much a person wins or loses isn't dependent on how much money anyone else at the table has, or how much they bet, etc. How much a person wins or loses is only dependent on their own wagers

      In poker, how much another player can win, IS dependent on what you have in front of you, and it's not ethical to 'take money off the table'. The same situation above, having my wife come over and take several hundred, or thousand dollars worth of chips away from my chip stack, would be taking it from the pool available to the other players. In poker, once you buy in, those chips don't belong to YOU anymore, they belong to 'the game'.. until such time as you get up and leave the table at which point they are yours again, but most places (brick and mortar, and online) have a rule that states if you come back to the same table within some specified period of time, then you have to buy back in for at least as much as you left with. This stops someone from winning a big pot, taking money off the table and continuing to play with less money against the same people he's winning the money from.

      Since doubling up and leaving, is part of the SSS, people often either confuse, or can't see the difference between the two. In SSS, after you get ahead beyond a certain number of big blinds, you leave the table. You then either go join another one, or you wait whatever time has been set to rejoin that one, with a smaller stack.

      At PokerStars this time is set at 30 minutes. I don't know what it is at all the other rooms, but this time seems reasonable to me.

      People do seem to hate SSS players, in much the same way they hate craps players shooting from the 'don't pass'. They are mostly ignorant and don't understand everything there is to know, in my experience. You can't let it bother you... just keep playing your best game, and build that roll.

      The other day I was playing against a guy, I had AA, he had some crap hand which ended up beating me with a straight on the river. He had a couple hundred BB's worth of stack. He says "Wow, I got lucky there. I wish you had more money"

      I replied "That's exactly why I don't". :D

      Good skill to you!
    • jg2000
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      Thanks all! I feel better now!