sunday million hyper sat profitable?

    • davidgod
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      Hi recently I play a lot sunday million hyper sat.
      about 4 minute per game, and on sunday you can open at least 12 table in the same time.

      36 people shoot out 1st got sunday million ticket.
      rake is 1.9% very low

      it sounds to be a very profitable game. cause 1.9% roi, not that many reg as other games
      one weekend , in one night I earn nearly 2 thousand dollar in this game, I thought i was god
      next week in two night I lost about 4 thousand.

      I wonder how profitable would that game be , and is it really that profitable?
      I think myself is very good at mastering icm and pushing range without icm.

      Another weird thing is , if I follow the suggestion according to the sng wizard chip mode? May be it is pushing to loose , I tend to lose more money , if I make it much tighter than suggestion , I tend to earn more money.

      do any body have idea?
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    • Asaban
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      The Hypers are profitable for sure. At the same time they are extremely swingy and the variance is enormous. In addition you will meet a ton of regulars in these tournaments (not sure about the 36men though). If you can manage the swings and your pushing ranges as well as callingranges are good it's a good way to earn $$$.

      Regarding SNG Wizard Chip mode you will always adapt to your opponents. The ranges that SNG Wizard assigns to them per default might be way off.