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The evolution of a poker sponge

    • Dublindeuce
      Joined: 20.05.2013 Posts: 25
      Listening to a good podcast earlier today on how the mind adapts to learning new things and the 4 stages involved. Got me thinking. Thinking is good.
      So as a noob to the site I like the idea of pouring out my thoughts as I evolve from a meh player to something with a little bit of positive ev.

      Playing holdem for a few years now on and off with mixed results. This will be a dear diary of sorts where I document my play,my learning and the rest both on and off the tables
      Ultimately tho this will be for me as a record of my progress and hopefully writing will enhance the learning process and speed it up too. Readers will be a bonus and we all love playing with a bonus.

      So as the name suggests I'm irish. And i've come to play.

      Notes from the podcast for anyone interested:
      stage 1. Unconscious incompetence
      You dont know that you cant do something as your unaware of its existence.
      E.g. polarising your range. You dont do it cause you've never heard of it. Your not doing it and your not aware of it.

      stage 2. Conscious incompetence
      you know you should be doing something the correct way but you keep doing it wrong and making mistakes. Eg calling an all in a multiway pot on a flop of ak10 when you hold 22

      stage 3.
      Conscious competence
      you know what to do. You think about it and You do it.

      Stage 4.
      Unconscious competence
      youve played half a million hands. You've seen certain situations happen many times. You do the right thing cause u just know.
      Youre first to open a hand with aks. Raise. Next please.
      Your opponents bet sizing seems weak. Check raise in position that scary board with air and watch him fold his over cards. Why did u do that? You unconsciously knew.

      I may be a little off with my examples but u get the idea hopefully.
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    • Lazza61
      Joined: 23.03.2011 Posts: 11,025
      Hey Dublindeuce,

      Welcome to the blogs. :)

      You are pretty much on the money with the 4 stages of learning.

      1) Unconscious Incompetence. Fish but doesn't know how bad he is
      2) Conscious Incompetence. Still a fish but knows it now. This is when a lot of players start searching for strategy.
      3) Conscious Competence. Now a good player but struggles to play his 'A' game as much as he would like. This is when players seek specialised coaching.
      4) Unconscious Competence. Da BOSS. Plays 'A' Game relentlessly on auto-pilot.

      It is very handy to be able to recognise what stage of development you are in.

      If you have any questions , just let us know


    • Dublindeuce
      Joined: 20.05.2013 Posts: 25
      Cheers Laz. The friendly welcome and atmosphere here is great.

      So at this point im going to set some easily attainable goals. I'll keep them short term at the start.

      1. Clear the small bonus at poker 770
      2. Maintain silver status here on ps. Figure out what I need to get gold
      3. Post some hands for review. (Never done this)
      4. Work back through the basic articles here

      I'll be playing .02.05 speed poker on ipoker to clear the bonus

      GL at the tables
    • legand73
      Joined: 01.06.2010 Posts: 4,136
      Hey Dublindeuce

      I too like the 4 stage learning model and it's crazy that it applies to everything. After I read about the 4 stages i now see them everywhere and it's really helpful being able to identify which stage one is at when learning new things.

      Your goals look good. Realistically attainable but not too easy. I definitely recommend posting hands. Our hand evaluators are the bees knees and it helps to have an expert opinion.
    • Dublindeuce
      Joined: 20.05.2013 Posts: 25
      Thanks for dropping by legand. The framework definitely has other applications alright. Im hoping to attach each element of the game a number such as when to 3bet light or when to value bet thin and as each element is learned it moves up a level.

      Adding one more goal for the new year.
      hire a coach.

      My reasoning behind this is I noticed yesterday I am totally autopiloting so many decisions and im a bit spewy. I need to stop and think more. Ive also noticed that im too mood dependent. My mood affects my play more than it should.

      I'm playing a mix of 02.05 and 05.10 speed at the minute. Theres not a large player pool at .10 speed on ipoker. But because im seeing the same players more often my notes are more important. And the players are much worse than zoom on stars.

      Currently have about 22/23 buy ins for 10. With the higher variance of speed and my laggy game I know it may be a bit aggressive brm but I feel the bonus will cover any swings
      Also ill move down if needs be and mix 0.5 speed and some regular tables in

      GL at the tables
    • Dublindeuce
      Joined: 20.05.2013 Posts: 25
      goal 1 achieve gold should be there by tomorrow id say

      but god i suck.