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FR player wishing to switch over to 6-Max

    • DecisionKing
      Joined: 10.11.2013 Posts: 10
      Hi Guys,

      My name is Ruaan and I am from (believe it or not) South Africa! I'm currently a NL50 FR player on Zoom Pokerstars. I used to play SSS on NL100 when the buyins were 20 blinds (with great success I might add) but after they nerfed that I stopped playing poker all together and focused on my studies. I since then got my Degree and I recently started playing BSS on Pokerstars again. I have been playing for 2 months now and have built up a decent bankroll ( up about $1500) and would like to move to 6-max since it seems that's where its at. :s_biggrin: Also playing FR might be profitable at the lower stakes, but I don't feel like I'm improving my game as much as I should. The biggest lesson learnt at FR is just that when a Nit raises you on the turn or river you need to fold your bottom set Haha.

      My have two questions.

      1. My winrate on NL50 FR has been about 8bb/100 hands over 45000 hands. I have $2200 Bankroll, should I jump directly into NL100 6max or first get accustomed to NL50?

      2. I would like to make a better HUD for myself, im currently using the standard popups for HEM2, and the following HUD:

      Name/ 3Bet / Resteal / Fold to 3B
      VPIP/ RFI EP / MP / CO / BU
      Hands/ Fold to Steal / BB fold to CO steal / BB fold to BU steal
      WTS/ Cbet Flop/ F2Cbet Flop/ Cbet Turn/Fold2Cbet Turn

      I really want to be able to easily identify exploitable lines that I should take vs the regulars who you end up having a ton of hands on since its Zoom. I really want my HUD/Popups to help me to:
      A. Differentiate between which lines I should take in 3Bet or Single raised pots.
      B. How often I should try a double or triple barrel.
      C. How likely villain is to try and barrel me off my hand in a single raised pot.

      I find that with my SSS background, I have a good understanding of the preflop concepts (3 bet frequency, when to 4 bet, ranges preflop EV), but I really struggle constructing a postflop plan. Also since I am a SSS player, you should know that we rely completely on our HUD hahahaha. Hopefully that will change as I learn more!

      Any suggestions would be welcome.
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    • SgtJackColt
      Joined: 05.03.2011 Posts: 700
      Hey Ruaan,

      I'm trying to switch too. My maingame is also NL50 FR Zoom and I'm fed up with all that nits. 8bb/100 is a nice winrate but maybe just an upswing. ;) I'm more like a 2bb/100 winner, cause I can't fold bottom set. ;)

      Ok let me try to answer your questions.

      1. I think you shouldn't move up but down. Besides of NL50 FR I'm playing NL25 SH. It's not the big difference I thought it would be. But to get a feeling for 6max you should start lower than higher.

      2. In my opinion stats are sometimes overrated. My own experience is that I now and then put too much weight on them. I agree at zoom games they are very important, but I noticed that my general understanding of the game isn't really good. Without any stats I'm kinda lost and don't know what to do best. So right now I want to improve my postflop game just knowing what to do with every part of my range in every kind of situation.
    • DecisionKing
      Joined: 10.11.2013 Posts: 10
      Thanks for the advice SgtJackColt. I also really think my understanding of poker, especially postflop poker is weak. Maybe I can try out NL50 SH for a couple of days, but I will heed your advice and definitely not jump to NL100.