• craigjo
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      Is it possible to get some instructions how to convert information from poker tracker 4 to discuss on the forums.
      Iv played about 30000 hands with a what looked like good progression. over the last 10000ish hands, Iv lost almost the amount I won.
      Need help to find my errors once and for all

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    • Lazza61
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      Hey craigjo,

      That is a very general question. You could literally start anywhere. I would probably start by checking my hole cards to see if I'm bleeding too much with particular hands. Then I would check my stats by position to see if I'm playing too much form EP or not stealing/restealing enough from LPs.

      Also I'll move this to PokerTracker board where it will probably get a better response.


    • PokerTracker
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      You question is a very general craigjo, and this is a VERY broad topic. So broad that it could take years to discuss all of the angles involved, therefore the best advice we can give you is to use PokerTracker 4's filters and reports to "coach yourself". After all this is the same thing that a coach would do if you hired one, the coach would use filters to find problematic spots that point towards your biggest weaknesses, and use various reports to make it easier to display this data. A position based report would probably be the most common one used, but there are others that are really helpful such as the Holdem Hand Range report, and the Facing Preflop Action report. Also use PokerTracker's LeakTracker to review your stats against ranges found commonly with winning players.

      Lastly we should point out that 30,000 hands is a very small range... it may seem like a lot, and stats will converge during this time frame, but it is too small to truly determine if you are really a winning or losing player. Its a great sample size to review for mistakes, but not a good sample size to determine if your playing a winning style or not, variance during such a small sample could be a factor.

      Good luck!