bug with database - twice in a week

    • laga
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      I opened Elephant last week and Received the following message:

      "please create a new database. the database version has changed but a patch is not possible"

      I tried to creat a new database, has an error message 'cannot connect to". I then uninstalled postgres correctly according to a thread found on this forum. I re-installed postgres, restarted Elephant, created a new DB without any issue.

      I was then able to use Elephant again and reloded all my hands.

      It worked fine during one week.

      This morning the same bug happened again and I will have to re-install postgres again. I don't want to do it a third time. Any idea on a way to solve this issue ?

      Thanks in advance
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    • galam
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      Well the easy solution would be to goto start -> programs -> postgresql 8.3 -> start service. After that you simply enter your postgresql data and connect to your old database. Everything should work from then on.

      Greets Sebastian