villain 3bets 20%

    • coldchurch
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      Hi PLO-experts,

      Im relatively new in this game, watched a lot of vids, but:

      What (6max) strategy, except for 4betting with AAxx, do I use with a 100bb stack vs a villain regular who 3bets 20% over a big sample?

      Merry Christmas and greetings from Holland!
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    • Skodljivec
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      4bet ABBB and KKxx preferably at least single suited :)


    • Kyyberi
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      If he 3bets 20%, you should figure out if he 3bets that both from ip and oop. Make notes about his range, you might find something usefull.

      Also if he really 3bets 1/5 times, you should be prepared for it when you open a hand. Open hands that you are comfortable to play against his 3bet (call or 4bet).
    • Zenith88
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      What do you guys feel about 4bet/broke hands like AKJT vs this kind of opponent when oop, especially when it is not suited to the ace? IP I would prefer a call because I would assume a lot of his range is 3broadway+dangler. Considering he's actually a reg and not just a preflop monkey you'd get quite a few folds however is it worth it knowing that when you get it in you only have like 30% vs AAxx/KKxx?

      Or how about building a balanced min4bet(or anything other than pot) range vs this guy, especially when playing deeper than 100bb. You'd keep most of his range in the pot and still have room to call a 5bet with select hands. I would do this with my bad KKxx for instance, which would benefit from a lower SPR however easily fold to a 5bet. Haven't actually tried this adjustment, most because at PLO5 and 10 zoom where I hang out at the moment I've only seen one good reg with 3bet ~20.

      But yeah, I do agree that tightening up when he has position on you cannot go wrong.
    • Kyyberi
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      min4betting with kings sounds bad to me. He puts you on aces, and when you have kings he will play pretty much perfectly against you. And you will often have SPR>2 if you are over 100bb deep.

      Most regulars at PLO10 and PLO25 don't have the tool to adjust if you start to 4bet them lightly. They will call your 4bet with bad hands, and then on the flop they play against AAxx. So you can embrace the variance and start to 4bet more with hands that have showdownvalue already (good AA/KK) and hands that often flop something or are almost in flip if opponent wakes up with AA/KK. Like ds-rundowns.

      The power comes from representing aces on a lot of flops.

      Just make sure that you observe how your opponents react when they see your hand after loose 4bet. I remember an aggressive 3bettor lately that stopped 3betting me for few orbits when he saw that I 4bet AKQQds with 100bb stacks. Then he made a 3bet and it was aces that he had been waiting for. Once he stopped hammering me with 3bets I knew he was waiting for the hands. So when he stopped 3betting me, I adjusted my game plan so that I wouldn't have 4bet him with non-aces anymore.

      Every time you adjust to your opponents, you should be aware that they can adjust too.