Sharing (unpleasant) expirience - Cash points; online support

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      I cleared my deposit bonus so i click on my acc in the lobby, it says:

      "You currently have €0.00 bonus money.
      Cashing out Store Points is currently not allowed."

      I contact online support to ask them why cashing out store points isnt allowed for me (i didnt try to sit in that sit'n'go cause i havent reached my goal of 4000 points, i'm on 3450 at the moment).

      Agent starts writing and he is clearly confused, at some point of discussion he says that i can use those points to get bonus money and not cash.

      I ask if he is sure of that cause that would be apsurd :O

      He says something like that he isnt sure and that he is gonna forward our conversation to Coral technical department and that they will manually try to convert my points into cash.

      I started writing that i dont want that to happen obviously (my goal of 4000 points has not been reached and if they convert it, that would only be 50$ for 2500 and not 100$ for my 4k yet to reach), but i realise he isnt on the chat anymore.

      Another agent comes to the chat and i quickly type the long story short, after what she says that she is gonna contact him and stop the procedure so no harm will be done.

      Replies regarding this matter are more then welcome from everyone ;)
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