EV graph doesn't look right

    • Affluenza
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      I've made sure I am recording my stats properly but obviously my graph doesn't look correct.

      Goes anyone know what might be the problem?
      Is there a better indicator as to how I am performing at poker?

      Any suggestions is much appreciated oh and Merry Christmas PS :)

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    • tonypmm
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      Perhaps HM2 detects the payout structures incorrectly. Do research on what tracking software calculates ICM EV for your types of tourneys correctly; Pokertracker 4 is usually good at tournament detection but even it has flaws.

      Also, if the second half of the graph is for MTTs (like 180-man), then it may look like that if you hit final tables often but won few of them, getting sucked out on multiple times, rebuilding the stack back up but losing flips again. (ICM EV should be different from the net winnings only when you hit the final table because it makes little sense outside them - stacks of opponents at other tables aren't written into the HH file.)

      All-in EV in cash games is a perfect unbiased indicator since it eliminates the part of the variance that's independent of players' strategies but still contains everything that's related to the strategies.

      ICM EV in tourneys is less perfect (as perfect play, like shoving on the bubble as the chipleader, is not necessarily the most +$EV in terms of the ICM) but is still considered a nearly unbiased measure of ability that converges faster than the actual winnings. I'm afraid there's no better 'all-in-one' indicator, though the frequency of flopping sets and the likes can be helpful in assessing the luck factor qualitatively.
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      I moved this the Holdem Manager board.

      Perhaps netsrak has an answer for you.

      Best of luck,
    • netsrak
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      Which gametype are you playing and on which site?
      And as tony already posted check the winnings and payout structure of your tourneys, they may be wrong.