calling raises with low pocket pairs

    • Michael2345
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      I know for cash games your site recommends using call 20 meaning you and your opponent should both have 20 times the raise size to make the call profitable. Although I have most often heard in tournaments that coaches say you usually need about 15 times the raise amount. Shouldn't you need more to win to make the call profitable in a tournament since you have to account for the risk premium? Please help. Thanks.
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    • kurrkabin
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      Hi, Michael2345!

      Good point! Call 20 rule is standard, however sometimes you can go call15 rule also, especially if you are IP as you have added advantage and you don't play fit or fold only. As for risk premium-you are absolutely right. Big ICM tax applies not just preflop, but also postflop. So that makes flatting small pairs less attractive if the opponent we are facing is someone who we are really risk averse to.