a couch for a coach

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      Hey guys,
      I'm Christian, 21 years old and living in Heidelberg (southern Germany) where I'm studying mathematics.

      I'm playing poker for 3 years and I'm mtt coach in the german poker community. Had some successes until now e.g. I won the the sunday WU, the sunday rebuy and made a deal as CL in one of the big $215 sunday WCOOP events. :f_love:

      So, coming to the topic - maybe it sounds a bit crazy but let's look if it's practicable: I think all of you know "work & travel". Now I'm proudly presenting the new "coach & travel":

      From the middle of february until the middle of april I'll have 2 month of semester break. I've to improve my english which is not even the best but first of all I want to met a new country and some new people. So my offer is to visit you wherever you are in Great Britain (if there is any possibility to make it compatible with my timetable^^) and beeing available for all your question you have about poker. Basically I'll be your personal pokercoach for some hours ;) If you also want to speak about politics, God and the world - even better. And if you show me st. of your city, give me some interesting insight in the british attitude of life - it would be a honour to invite you to some drinks^^. All I expect in return is a place to sleep for 1 or 2 nights (your couch or a mattress is good enough for me, I'm not very demanding).

      For me it absolutely doesn't matter if you are playing micro mtt's, if you're a cg highroller or if you're playing stud games. I'm just hoping to have some interesting, unforgettable weeks in England.

      So if you could imagine to receive a homeless poker player for one night I would be glad to hear from you here in the thread, in the comtool or later in Skype. Feedback and questions are welcome ;)
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