[NL20-NL50] NL25 SH K10s str8 on turn, bet size against 2 vill.?

    • texbball33
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      SB ($25.10)
      BB ($33.85)
      UTG ($40.50)
      MP ($25)
      CO ($24.10)
      Hero (Button) ($29.55)

      Preflop: Hero is Button with 10, K
      1 fold, MP raises to $1, CO calls $1, Hero calls $1, 2 folds

      Flop: ($3.35) J, 8, Q (3 players)
      MP checks, CO checks, Hero checks

      I don't bet here because i don't see anything that I gain. If they have a pair or anything and they're not going to protect then I can draw for free and build a pot if I hit, if I don't then I'm done with it and move on. Is this right?

      Turn: ($3.35) 9 (3 players)
      MP bets $2.50, CO calls $2.50, Hero raises to?

      At this point I thought for a while. I considered shoving, but I wasn't sure how much to bet if I didn't shove. What is the right play here? Is a shove an over bet or the right thing to do?
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    • kaffeeteufel
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      I would raise to $10.50, shove is too much. A shove will only be called by a T, who will reraise you anyway.
      But I don't see why you call pre when you don't want to bet that flop.
    • generals007
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      I bet the flop too. You have fold equity, of course, and if he doesn't fold you still have lots of outs. Plus opponent then won't be as scared of the straight on turn.

    • Kaitz20
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      I´d bet flop, since both players checked and I can probably take down pot and if they call maybe I can take free river card.
      I´d re-raise to 8$ that is not too big and keeps all the worse hands in the pot + you can shove river.