Good luck to you all and Thank you!

    • BrokesoBroke
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      Looks like I will soon get a ban from Pokerstrategy too for coaching. I appreciate all of you guys for following!

      [Edited by HollyMichelle] - We have been more than lenient with these sentences but I will not allow them any more.

      Good luck and have a great 2014!

      BrokeSoBroke Out! ;)
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    • Avataren
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      why ban?
    • BrokesoBroke
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      Supposedly I was offering a free hour of coaching to anyone in December and telling people to contact me was not acceptable.

      It was a great community while I was here. I just started blogging because I was motivated to get better. Then I started coaching and somehow people seemed to enjoy it.

      So I was told that my Blog would not be removed. Pleno actually told me it wouldn't. But obviously it has. I have no regrets though. Even Christmas coaching everyone was a blast! I got to meet almost 11 new people which I wouldn't have ever had if I didn't do it. Everytime someone asked for me to be their Santa Claus I felt I couldn't turn them down so I took as much as I could. I do believe that if you do something good that I will be rewarded.

      Whether I get banned or not, I don't feel bad about it. Whether I get the blog back or not I won't be disappointed. I know in the end it's all about business... And making $$... So I don't fault them either... Ban me is probably not going to do them any good!

      Happy New Years!
    • pleno1
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      What do you mean? Why would we ban you?! I told you clearly on Skype that there is absolutely no problem, you said you understood everything but I can reiterate now that you deleted me off Skype ad may not be able to see. But when I told you previously you said ok and you understood.

      1- you had a blog on forum and a taking thread
      2- the Santa thread came up and you kindly volunteered to help some members
      3- we spoke n Skype about coaching, pros and cons etc and about zoom, downswing yada yada
      4- you posted in your blog alot about private coaching
      5- you posted your prices in your blog
      6- too mods separately contacted me and suggested that they thugh that you broke x rule from the terms and conditions and should they edit
      7- a post was edited where perhaps you went too far
      8- you continued to post a lot about your private coachings
      9- mods ask me again what they should do "it's Christmas and he's been very very kind to our members and is a black member, please leave it for now and ill speak after Xmas"
      10- I tell you today that its not really ok to post so excessively unless you're a coach. I then ask you to potentially be a coach and you say it's not for you, I won't mention the reasons as they are private and I still respect you
      11- Gary then speaks to you on Skype about things after I told him about out conversation (gary is head mod and responsible for this stuff)
      12- you message me saying you thought I had something t do with it
      13- I reminded you of all of the above
      14- you then posted n my private coaching thred a little bit out of rider posting my private stats, Vpip etc on a open forum from an illegal website and post a small sample size where I lost and then not the hands I won..
      15- I reminded you on Skype I didn't want this to gt personal and I think you're just being way way way wrong here mentioning to you I would never do anything like that publically to you
      16- you delete me off Skype
      17- I respond in great, fair detail to all your points in the coaching thread

      Somewhere between 11-17 I assume Gary quarantined your thread whilst he works on editing it over the next day.

      Nothing ever gets deleted n PokerStrategy. We may edit posts that break terms and conditions and threads may momentarily go but your thread here absolutely will stay.

      If you choose not to update it that's completely upto you, but I already told you c v clearly all of the above and I'm pretty sure you know it and know that ofc we re not going to ban you!

      I think you're just emotional about everything and if you look over this will realise that we've really done nothing wrong at all here.

      You're ofc welcome and encouraged to continue being an active member, blogger and stakee of the community and if you change your mind regarding wanting to be a coach wed be happy to,consider your application with an open mind. I don't do grudges.

      Yours peacefully

    • BrokesoBroke
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      Please if you have anything to say just email me.

      There's no need to get TwiceT who is involved in other businesses to be part of any of this. He's just a friend of mine but has no involvement in my poker or coaching business. :)
    • BrokesoBroke
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      You gave me an alternative to become a coach but:

      I had to produce 2 video's a month minimum in order to maintain coaching status. The video's must be between 50-200NL.

      Can you name a coach that has produced this many video's in the past year?

      You see how fair of an offer it was that you gave me? LOL

      But thanks anyway!

      I don't really want you to get TwiceT involved. He doesn't have to be involved in this situation. If I cannot post any coaching information such as graphs, student success in my blog then I will have no use for it. I don't coach for a living. I am a poker player playing for a living. I just enjoy it since I was actually half decent at it. You guys might not find it good for business but I enjoyed improving all of these guys a lot and I'm sure they're just as happy.

      I will still provide coaching so if someone comes to my blog asking for my coaching details I will reply to them with my costs. So in order to NOT break the rules of it's better to not give me back my blog because it will be broken again.

      Again, I have no use for There is no useful information. No valuable information. And things don't look like they are getting better any time soon...

      Again TwiceT is just a friend of mine. He is someone I do talk to quite often but in no way is my actions involve him at all. He is a good coach. He is a great guy and that is about all.

      If I were you I would take everyone of the coaches and enforce this 2 video's per month and this MIGHT make the site somewhat worthy of visiting.

    • pleno1
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      I, sorry but again your post is full of inaccuracies.

      I said I didn't want to put anything that we discussed on here but just to quote.

      "How much would you want me to do?"

      "I don't know, videos every month I guess"
      "2 videos a month maybe"

      This was not me giving you any form of deadline or minimum content. The Skype conversations will tell you this and any other coach who works for us will confirm too.

      You asked to do videos for nl10 for reasons that i again wont disclpse and I simply said we are looking for nl50-200 videos.

      Even if you delete somebody on Skype you can see exactly what the conversation was. There really is no need to lie or say inaccurate things, and it can actually be dangerous in situations like this.

      We came to you because of how popular you are as a coach and because of your evident love for coaching and I did it to solve a potential problem. I was looking for a solution to help you out.

      Regarding twicet, its pretty simple he told you in your blog, or better worded, he suggested you speak to me. I waited a few days, made sure the mods didn't touch your thread and then I approached you. I have a good relationship with him and mentioned the situation and that I'd like you to be a part of our team as I think its important to have a good mix of "outsiders" and "community heroes"

      Your personal opinion regarding the videos and coachings is unfortunate but if you really want I could link you to some really good videos.

      Lnternet live at 500 zoom -

      Defending vs a button min raise

      Uri peleg 200 live

      Pleno1 200 live

      All 4 videos were from December, are from coaches winning in these games and are in the games you play at. They all got very very good feedback and personally also helped me.

      I'm not sure why you would consider this not valuable or useful at all, unfortunately I don't think our videos can get much better than this, not unless you join the tea. ;) which again is completely open and as ever I never hold a grudge and would be more than happy to review a test video.

      You have always come across great to me and twicet and others who have met you in real life or,know you way better than me think you're great. There's no way I would want you to not be active in the community, and if really, realllllllllly I'm the reason you won't be then maybe I need to question myself and future involvement here if black members don't want to post or be active or even further think the place is a waste of time.

      Yours peacefully

      Edit: posting from iPad so apologies for any typos!
    • maythany
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      I only come to this site because of the community.
    • imbahness
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      gogogo more public drama
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      Morning guys,

      Next time - I won't go to bed I think!

      Just to clarify a few things and re-iterate some as well. I spoke with Patrick privately on the 26th with my concerns about BSB's blog. It had become apparent even after a warning that BSB was not living by the rules of our forum - We do not allow members to promote coaching unless they are a coach.

      It continued to get out of hand and yesterday we came to the decision to remove the blog temporarily so that we can edit out all the inappropriate content. I contacted BSB via Skype and I have yet to receive a reply and until this happens it will stay off the public forum.

      I want to have a peaceful resolution to this as it really does not need to be like this at all. Given the time of year as well, I do not see why we cannot move forward.

      I await your contact on Skype, BSB, I will be online for most of the day.

      EDIT: I'm also moving this to feedback and suggestions.
      EDIT: I have removed some choice content from your OP as well.

    • pericas1991
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      its just so disgusting that a black member refuses to become a coach for pokerstrategy and then berates the content here and says that he has no use of pokerstrategy anymore if his blog is blocked because he was clearly violating forum rules by offering private coachings while not being pokerstrategy coach and then goes to plenos private coaching thread and tries to bring plenos game and content in question while i think everyone who watched plenos vids has to agree that they are pretty good... not cool to go full retard bsb :f_mad:
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      For the record, BrokeSoBroke has chosen to ignore my Skype chat thus far despite adding me as a friend just over 23 hours ago.

      As stated above, we will not be returning your blog until you respond to me.
    • TJtheTJ
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      Hi all,

      I'd like to clear things up a bit here.

      We've been in touch with BrokesoBroke now. Together we agreed that it would be better not to reinstate his blog. That would simply cause the whole coaching debate to come up again, which we both want to to avoid. There is no need to have this entire situation all over again, so we figured it was best to keep the blog off the forums.

      As for why and how we acted, BrokesoBroke violated one of our forum Terms & Conditions, namely that it is not allowed to advertise your coaching offers unless you're an official coach. With the Christmas Coaching promotion running though, we decided not to do anything about it at first, also in the spirit of Christmas.

      After that though, we simply had to take action. Of course BrokesoBroke is a well-respected and admired member of our community, but if our rules are broken, we have to act on that, whether it is a new member or a Black member. We had already been very lenient, so we have been very reasonable in this entire situation. In the end, we simply did what we had to do as moderators of this community.

      Now that we have come to an agreement though, I hope the hatchet has been buried between all involved parties. We aren't looking for any problems, and I'm convinced that BrokesoBroke isn't either. Hopefully he will continue to be an active member of our community, because he is of course still more than welcome to participate!

      Hopefully this has cleared some things up, and hopefully everybody understand the what and why of everything that happened.

      With that, I already wish everyone a happy New Year and all the best in 2014!

      Kind regards,