Hi There All !

    • Frannie1969
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      Hello fellow Pokerplayers :D

      I'm from The Netherlands and live in Eindhoven.

      Just as user boubougne I'm not really new to the poker game and I watched a tremendous amount of Gigs on TV/Youtube and everywhere else I could find them.
      Played a reasonably amount of "live" Sit & Go's in the casino and came up here to see what's going on in the online industry.

      After reading a while on this sites to improve my game I started playing at Betfred Poker with the amount that I got from this site.
      Now we're about two weeks further and I'm ahead 240 USD and moved on to Pokerstars where I can be found under the name Twistie11 (name of my cat)
      Mostly I can be find in the micro's Hold'em Cash Tables and in Sit & Go Tournements

      So far my best achievement is the Sit & Go 7USD 90players Knockout Tourrnament where I became 2e yesterday (won 100 USD, 86.58 + 13 on bounties)

      Now I'm on to the next tournament (PCA on the Carribean....here I comeeee!!! :D

      Regards from The Netherlands and for all.......best of luck and a wonderful New Year !
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    • gadget51
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      Hi Frannie1969 and a very warm welcome to you!

      It seems you've already started winning then, that didn't take long did it? :)

      To help keep that going we have just about anything you might need to help you improve your game.

      Just a thought, well done on that tournament, I am really bad at those, even worse than I am at cash games! :D

      You enjoy learning and winning and if there's anything else you need just ask ok?

      Have lots of fun,

    • Frannie1969
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      Thank you for that warm welcome:)
      I will certainly keep reasing and learning but for now I have to go....
      Sitting in a tournement and I got good cards!! :D

      WOOHOOO, Doubled my stack!!
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      Ship that tourney mate!
    • ThatGuyMatt
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      Welcome Frannie :)

      How'd the PCA go, manage to win anything decent?

      Oh, Happy new year too! :f_biggrin:
    • RasTweet
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      Hey Frannie!

      Welcome to PokerStrategy.com!

      I'm from Belgium myself but there are a few other dutch people on here :D

      So you usually play SnG's? What kind of SnG's do you prefer? HU, 6max, 9 man, 18 man….?

      Happy new year and best wishes for 2014.