Question about Zoom/Fast/etc Poker

    • Zebbu
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      Ok. A question.

      Which networks offer Fast/Zoom/Rush/etc Poker on NL50 and on NL100? And is there traffic all around the day or just on specific hours?

      Answer is greatly appreciated.
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    • VorpalF2F
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      Hi, Zebbu,
      Other than going site-by-site, there is pretty much no way I know of to gather the information you need.

      PokerScout only does overall numbers of players, and the majority of players are on PokerStars, by a large margin, but if there is a breakdown by game type somewhere, I don't know of it.

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      If we are talking about 6 max then I would guess (and I say guess because I do not 100% know)

      Zoom, 24/7 traffic at NL50-100

      Speed Poker, would have the closest to it but not during the European Night time

      Best regards,
    • dannywratten
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      I play NL50 zoom at probably the time of day where the player pool is at its worst.
      Currently there's 174 playing & plenty of fish :)
      So it only gets better from there throughout the day.